Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Challenge from my Daughter-Day#1

Today begins the August Challenge that my blogging daughter tossed out there a few weeks ago. So every day this month, I will be boring you with various things...about me, my opinion, and things that mean something to me!!!  So bear with me...I'll try to not put you to sleep too fast!!

August 1-"a recent picture of me and 15 interesting (?) facts about me!"

Me...overlooking Lake Michigan, June 2012

Fifteen Facts about Me
  1. I was born in the year 1940.
  2. I remember very clearly when my Dad came home from WWII at the end of the War...He left just before I turned two and came home right before I had my fourth birthday.  He served in the European campaign.
  3. I grew 1 1/2 inches after I went to college...I am 5’10”.
  4. I taught art to seventh and eighth graders for 32 years and am still relatively sane!
  5. I have traveled in every state in the United States with the exception on Hawaii...we do car trips and I am pretty sure you cannot drive there from Texas!
  6. I have lived in six different states...Illinois (birth state), Missouri, Nevada, Alaska, Mississippi, and Texas.
  7. I have driven to Fairbanks, Alaska and Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia...two different trips with my traveling companion/husband.
  8. I have been married 49 years to the same guy!
  9. We have two fabulous daughters and two perfect grandchildren...and a pretty darn wonderful son-in-law!
  10. Although I was raised Catholic, I have recently joined the Unitarian/Universalist Church.
  11. I believe I was a lady Texas Rancher in a former life.
  12. I am an Independent politically, but I tend to be pretty liberal,  therefore, usually vote Democratic.
  13. I am an fiber artist, and I love all forms of art and love to experiment.
  14. I LOVE to read...and am very eclectic in my tastes....from Stephen King to Maya Angelou and everything in between!
  15. I love to sing...but have a terrible singing voice!!!
Check in tomorrow for some more thrilling information!!!


  1. I always thought you had a beautiful voice when I was a kid....

  2. Ummmm, a Texas Ranch Woman in a former life? That sounds very interesting. Enjoyed your facts!