Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August # 28-Five Books I Recommend

Today, I am to list five books that I recommend.  Again...this is not easy because I have read so many great books... Do I name recent books?  Do I name classic books?  Do I name books from way back when that have stuck in my mind through the years??  I have decided to do none of the above....I am going a different track....  I am going to list five authors that I love to read!! (In addition to the ones I listed the other day!) Below are book covers of some of my favorites by these authors...some are not new but still great reads!!!

Amy Tan

Margaret Atwood

John Irving

Jo Nesbo (a new one for me)

Stephen King (bear with me...not all his books are just scary scifi!!)

And of course there is John Grisham, Mark Twain, Arthur Conan Doyle, Marge Percy, Henning Mankell, Steig Larson, early Anne Rice, Harper Lee, Margaret Mitchell, Larry McMurty,  Cormac McCarthy....and ALL the others I cannot at this moment recall!!

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  1. I thought I had commented earlier, but guess it didn't "take". Great list. You and I have similar thought processes. I'll be checking out the new author that you mentioned!!!