Friday, August 10, 2012

August Challenge # 10- Something I Am Proud of...

For the Day 10 Challenge, I am to write about something I am proud of...and once again, there are many things...I am proud to be an American; I am proud to be a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, grandmother, teacher, artist, friend, neighbor, etc., but as far as accomplishments, I am most proud of being mother to my two fabulous daughters!

Marti and Andrea 1968
Both of my girls are "all growed up" now!!!  And for 40+ years they have done nothing but make me proud to have been a part of their existence!  They were both darling babies, adorable tots, fun to be with teens, and now...absolutely the kind of adult that exudes pride from every pore of my body!!  Is that a little strong???  Well, it is true...they are beautiful people, successful, energetic, kind, giving, smart, funny caring, talented....I could list every positive adjective word in existence and it would not be enough to express my love for and pride in them.  Here are some pictures of them through the years....
Marti-3 years/Andrea-2months- 1968

Marti and Andrea-How '70's looking is this???

Marti and Andrea-first day of school (with Salty)

Marti and Andrea-Easter 1975

Andrea and Marti-A photo booth pic

Marti and Andrea Christmas 2010

My girls with me-Mother's Day 2012 (trying hard to not smile!)
And the fun goes on!!!  I am so fortunate that we are all still good friends and that they both live in the DFW area so we can see each other often!!

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  1. Thanks, Mom. Definitely wouldn't be the person that I am today without the positive influence from both you and Dad. Love you!!