Saturday, August 4, 2012

August Challenge # 4...Habits

"Oh, what webs we weave...."
"A Habit I Wish I Didn't Have"

Today's challenge is  a tough one for me....I wish I could ask someone else what habit I have that I shouldn't...but I don't think I want to hear that because it very well might be something I do not want to hear!!!  So, hm-m-m-m-m.. well, one habit I have that I am sure all I know would agree to is this:

When I am telling a story or about an incident or something that I want to share, I tend to repeat myself.  And I sometimes kind of get mixed up so I have to start all over again....or someone else (usually my husband) is telling a story/incident and I feel that can tell it better!!!!  I feel that the story needs much more embellishment...thus I take over on telling! family members that are reading this...just because I admit to this habit does not mean I am going to change!!! You know my versions are funnier!!!!!

Another habit I have which I am working on correcting....once in a to not always feel I have to volunteer for everything that comes along....whether at club meetings, church or what ever!  And there again, that compulsion comes from thinking egotistically if I want it done right, I have to do it myself!!!  So not true!!!  Things get done without me...just maybe not the same way I would do it....there lies the rub!!!

I guess there are many habits I have that I wish I didn't have, but I think that is enough to reveal to the world at large!!  

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  1. So THAT's where I get my story-telling embellishment from....

    I have that same habit of getting lost in my own story and/or wanting to tell it better than the person telling the story. It is a challenge to not want to say anything.