Saturday, August 1, 2009

First Day of August

This is my third in my wheels' series. Also I combined my latest ingredient for studio Q to make one small quilt....the ingredient was "black and white teeth". So I used pictures of cogs (wheels and teeth) and made them all black and white. The series assignment was different ways to arrange a collage.....and this is the results!

From my Bernina Yahoo! group, I had signed up for a swap on "Summer/floral" postcards. There are eight here which I mailed off yesterday. I will be getting cards from east to west and from north to south....and one from Australia!

And my last pic is my log cabin challenge quilt for this year's show with my "for sale" sign!
August came in with more rain...we are having really unbelievable weather for the middle of the summer in Texas. It was 108 degrees in Vancouver, WA a few days ago and we had a low of 72! Strange it global warming????
We finished up the Torchwood series on TV from SciFi ...pretty good! ( I know, they changed their name to SyFy but I like the original better!) You really cannot always teach an old dog new tricks. Speaking of dogs....we dogsat while the kids were on vacation...she was a good girl...just too many storms rolling through to make her happy. But about an hour after she went home, the rabbits were back in the yard munching on our grass!! She did keep them out!