Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swap to Norway

I heard from the quilter in Norway who rec'd my swap quilt. She posted a picture of it on her blog...I still have not figured out how to add the translation thingy to my blog.

I have finished all the blocks for Veronica's quilt and have taken it off my design wall so I can work on a couple of other more immediate things....I am starting a log cabin challenge quilt; I need to finish up my round robin from my studio Q group; I have eight postcards to make and send by the end of July! cavities! Went to the dentist today..good report! But he does recommend a filling be changed out. Not an immediate need.

HOT today...and to continue for a while! 104+ here...and no rain in sight!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Quilt Swap

This is the quilt (about 23" square) and the label on the back that I did for a new swap. I titled it "Texas Wildflowers" and it is on its way to Norway!! I check out this "Quilting Bloggers" site every once in awhile....very neat site...has quilters, shops, etc from all over the world. The moderator has ongoing activities and this month the swap was Spring Blooms Mini Quilt Swap. I thought that sounded interesting so I signed up. There are about 100 quilters signd up; then the moderator sent each of us an address to be mailed by June 21st. Simple regulations...between 24" and 12" inches, something about the topic, and that is about it.
After getting my address (all the swap quilters are listed) I looked up my lady. And I discovered the neatest thing! Her website was totally in Norwegian of which I speak not a word....but while looking around and at her pictures, etc. I discovered a place to click on, choose my language, and it was automatically translated for me!!! Very cool!!! Now, I want to get that access on my blog, so I am looking into how to do it.
On the home front....very warm today and continueing to be. We have the grand dog for a few days...she loves coming to the country!!! I met with my trainer at the YMCA today...she showed me a few new things for leg exercises to help build up muscles without putting stress on my knees....I am a firm believer in use it or loose it (even more than I have already lost!) And, lastly, we were pathetic losers at poker last night...but good fun and mucho laughs!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer has come with a vengance!!!

I just finished reading Andrea's latest adventure in California. What an entertaining writer she is!

School is now officially out for most everyone in the area which means the "Y" where we go to workout will be enundated with small fry!! And yes, I was right...fortunately they were all pretty much contained to the pool area while we were there today.

Dick and I picked up the grands on their last day; the Intermediate School went relatively calmly, but the ninth grade center took quite a bit longer...the high school was getting out at the same time and the eager teens were raring to go!! We finally got away and went to Steak and Shake for our usual last day of school celebration lunch, then to our house...the grandson is ahead on our on going chess matches. I will need to practice up!! The kids spent the night, watched the first "Ghostbusters" movie which all of us had seen but still a fun movie.

Very proud of the kids...both made straight A's; granddaughter ran for and was voted in as the Sophomore class Historian for next year. They had a swimmeet the week before and both did best time in all of their events. K. will be coming out to mow some day this week; she seems to really like doing it...C. is a little jealous, I think, at least for the money!! But we told him his time will come. We have it figured out that by the time both are too busy to do it, the little guy across the street who is three will be old enough to take ovet the mowing!!!

I finished my first "wheels" project and have it hanging on the wall with #2. My next in the series is to be using the technique of collage...but that is kind of what I have been doing with the other two....proving that it is all related. I am also working on an exchange person that I am sending to is in Norway, so I am using Texas wildflower fabric. Will post a picture when finished in a few days.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June Already...where did May go???

This is my "whimsical" block...from our first drawing of my "bee's" new challenge. We met yesterday and everyone had theirs to show; then for our second drawing, we have to do "overlapping circles"...not a problem as I love doing circles!

This is a closeup of my second in my series from the Art Workbook I am going through. This topic was to be on photocopying pics from the computer and making your own fabric, etc. After putting it together, I decided to do some hand quilting. I am very pleased with the results.

This is "Wheels:# Two" is about 9" x 12" as was my first one. The little trike in the corner is a pin I had....the pics are from places we have traveled to...the large one-the Smithsonian, then one spinning wheel from Philedelphia, PA visitors center, one from Mt. Vernon, and then, my favorite...from Flagstaff AZ on a trip with the kids.
I love my studio Q group! We just keep inspiring each other....what a creative bunch of gals!! I put pictures from our meeting yesterday out on is the link... After you see the pics you will know what I mean. The RR pictures are of our Round Robin which we passed around for several months and have now returned to the perspective owners. We are hoping to have a "special" exhibition of our quilts at our Guild Quilt show in the fall. The other pictures are our regular show and tell. I am blown away by Susan's "Log Cabin" which she has done for the guild challenge.