Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

       Along with my usual Memory Monday, I want to do a short blog in honor of the men and women who have served with our nation's Armed Services on this Memorial well as my own family members who have served or are serving!

My great, great great grandfather-Civil War
My Dad (with my mom, sister and me) WWII-Army
My husband-Air Force-1962-66
My great nephew Bill-Army 
My great nephew Josh-Air Force 
My great nephew Chris-Air Force (currently serving)
     My memory is that we used to call this day Decoration Day...and it did start with decorating graves of military personnel who had died.  Then it became Memorial Day and the putting of flowers on all deceased family members graves became tradition.  One of my favorite celebrations of Memorial Day was when we went to Louisiana, Missouri to place flowers on the graves of my dad's side of the family.  The cemetery was on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, a beautiful location all times of the year..and down the road from there was a park also overlooking the river where we would go for a picnic after visiting the cemetery....and my grandma would tell us stories of family members...Unfortunately, I did not really appreciate the history lessons she was giving us at the time...sure wish I had some way to recall all the family lore!!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Meeting of the Crones

Our day of Marbling fabric and paper
     This month...May...we met a week earlier than usual as the last Monday, our scheduled day, is Memorial Day.  For  a long time we have been wanting to learn to marble on fabric and paper.  So we finally got a day to do it.  We have also been wanting to do some sort of dyeing under my fabulous live oak tree but the weather had seemed to be against us.  This was the perfect day!
     Seven of us got together with our prepared fabric and set up to Marble!  The stuff to use to thicken the surface to marble on was some I had had for a long time so I don't know if it was just old or we didn't quite do it right because we had a little trouble getting our base thick enough to float the paint....but that did not stop us from having a terrific time.  And I think we learned enough that we will want to try it again...with new materials!!!!
     It really doesn't matter what we do, we always have fun and tend to inspire each other to bigger and better things!  We always have a show and tell and share ideas, books, websites, etc.  And of course we always eat and laugh....a lot!!!!
Kay's Modern Quilt 
Rhonda's beginning wool applique
Susan's little quilt 
Marbling under the tree
Drying our marbling on the tree branches


Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Memory # 20

     Although I no longer had my ol' pony to "ride" around, I had a lot of bike riding ahead of me.  The only thing was...after living out in the country on gravel and dirt roads, I had never learned to ride a bike!  So here I years old...Springtime..Easter as a matter of fact and everyone in the neighborhood could ride but me!  I didn't even own a bike...and this was before "training wheels bike" days.  I am not even too sure bikes came in different sizes.  The only differences I remember was the "boy" bikes and the "girl" bikes.  Can anyone tell me why there was a difference?  I'll tell you next blog if you don't know!

"Girl" Bike
"Boy" Bike
     I guess the Easter bunny felt sorry for me, because on Easter morning of that year, as we were outside hunting for our eggs and baskets...we came upon a brand new girl bicycle!!  Now I never questioned how a bunny rabbit could have possibly gotten a bike into my back yard...I was too excited to consider the logic of the moment! was one big Easter present!!!
Me and my bike
     I didn't learn to ride immediately...I remember my dad, my mom, and my cousins all trying to help me with the balance thing and it just wasn't working.  So one day, I just went out by myself and decided by hook or by crook...I was going to ride that thing!!!  And I of the many lessons of life...sometimes you just gotta' do it by yourself!
     Years later, I did question how the Easter Bunny was able to deliver such a great gift..come to find out, my dad was quite the barterer.  Many times when he would have an auction, someone might not be able to pay in cash for an item, so daddy would trade something they might have in exchange for what they wanted... one of his recent sales before Easter resulted in his getting a "girl" bike in a trade...with me in mind when the opportunity came up for him!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Memory Monday #19

My mom-Mary Dale Carnes Venable 1915-1994

    My Memory Monday..a day after Mother's to honor a wonderful woman who helped make me the gal I am today.  My mother, whom I have mentioned many times, and will continue to, was the true epitome of the "mother lion".  My mom was a very intelligent, personable woman....she herself never had the opportunity to go to college although she would have dearly loved it; but I grew up with not thinking "if" I go to college...but "when" I go to college.  My mom and I often clashed when I was in the teen years, but looking back...we were also very close; she and I  thought so much alike and had similar senses of humor!  My mom was a bit of a feminist before the word was invented.  She was not overt or pushy, but had a quiet strength about her that showed me one can accomplish much in one's own way!  I feel, and hope I have instilled this in my daughters, that one needs to stand up for one's beliefs and be compassionate without being too aggressive and annoying.  Thanks, Mom, for being...well...MOM!
 My mother-in-law-Dorothy Mae Shirley Dodds 1918-?
     And another mother I want to pay homage to is my mother-in-law.  Dorothy raised three pretty great children.  She again is a very intelligent lady who didn't go to college, but she saw to it that her children did..if they chose to. And I see the qualities that my husband of nearly 50 years has that reflect a background similar to my own.  These were instilled in him by his parents.  And this sweet lady has also been the "mother lion" in her children's lives and in her own quiet ways, is a force to reckon with!  I have learned so much from Dorothy; she has such a grounded philosophy and subtle sense of humor, I love to spend time with her.  And she gave me a pretty darn good partner!!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Bead Journal Project for April

I is May...but I just finished my April Bead here is my post for it!  Maybe I will get May done before the end of May...but no promises!!  My inspiration for this month was my irises...they never fail to be an attraction in the spring!
My Iris Garden
So here  is my Yin/Yang for April...I now have three towards my finished product of 12 with a focus center..making 13.  (I skipped February, but will get back to it!)

April Bead Journal Project

Monday, May 6, 2013

Memory Monday # 18

     My dad wasn't one to go on vacation very often....he felt and probably justifiably so...that he couldn't be gone from his business.  He was an auctioneer following in his father's footsteps...and the primary owner of the Community Sale Barn.  Sale barns offered very important services in farming communities so he felt an obligation to always be available.  I'll tell some "auction" tales in  later blogs.
     But a memory I have which I think must have been the summer after we had moved back to town was of a family, dad, Judy (9) and me (7).  We drove North...(Pittsfield is about in the middle of the state..Illinois and to the west side..Pike County).  I have a memory of driving through Chicago very early...just at dawn..on a Sunday..and the city seemed deserted...very eerie even to my seven year old mind. (Remember this would have been in the mid 1940's so traffic any where would not be anything like today!!)
      Then we drove through Kalamazoo...a city I thought was just in a dad liked to sing popular songs.  I Got a Gal in Kalamazoo!  was a Glen Miller tune (see on youtube) he really like to belt out...and I was excited to see the town with the funny name really existed!  From there we stopped to visit some friends in Racine, Wisconsin...then on North eventually into Canada.  I am pretty foggy on the chronological order of the whole trip, but I have spot memories. the North woods
    I have a memory of us stopping in a park area for a picnic dad and I heard, of all things, bagpipes playing!!  So we wandered through the woods and came out on a whole band of bagpipe players!  All playing; all in Scottish kilts and attire!  I love the sound of bagpipes to this day...and the memory of that North woods forest on a crisp cool day; coming across such a rare scene always comes to mind when I hear them play.

The Scottish Bagpipers

Thursday, May 2, 2013

studio Q Meeting for April

     This month our meeting was a little different.  We met at the Doss Heritage and Cultural Center in Weatherford, TX.  The Doss is a beautiful building that houses/hosts many cultural venues...artistic, historic, Western, etc.  The exhibit we went to see was the fiber art works of Katrina Wright.  Please check out her website to see her art!  It is really very cool!!!

Brochure from Katrina Wright's show
          After visiting the Doss we went to lunch....of course...then went to the Clark Gardens....another beautiful place to visit that is west of Weatherford, TX. The Gardens were the private property of the Clarks from 1972 until they made it into a non-profit organization and opened up to the public. There are many acres of just gorgeous flowers and trees, water features and art, and even a delightful miniature train setup with great miniature models of buildings from around the county.  I had not been there before but do want to return seasonally as it will change through the year.

Resident Swan

Parker County Courthouse in Weatherford