Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spreading the Word

The studioQ gals met on Monday and I showed them my version of how to do zentangles (giving full credit to Rick and Marie for starting the whole maddness!), gave them some good websites to use and we practiced drawing a few of my favorite tangles. I gave them a challenge to come to our next meeting in July with a completed tile....I had drawn a "string" on a large sheet then divided and cut it up into 12 tiles, put numbers on the back to be able to reassemble it, and passed them out randomly...we will see how many will get them done so we can put them together...I will post it if all get done!!

I have also started doing another challenge put out by the 3 Creative Studio folk...their challenge "A Sketchbook Challenge", is monthly instead of weekly...this month the topic is "Pathways".  After a few false starts, I decided to do another ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) for my entry.
"Pathways: Sketchbook Challenge for June"
      Now I am working on my Challenge quilt for our guild show which is this fall.  The theme is "being green" so the challenge is to create a quilt using recycled fabric of any nature.  It has been fun to work on, and now that we have to have our entries in by next month, I need to have enough done to take a picture...up to now I have just been putting blocks together with no end planned as yet!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Zentangle Challenge #27-"DEX" and "VERDIGOGH"

These two tangles are named Dex and Verdigogh and that is what the diva chose to challenge us with this time!

I don't usually use color in my zentangles, but I felt the need to define the areas somewhat as we were only using two "tangles".  I kinda like the effect...may use some color more often.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some Finished Projects!

A new ZIA-"Zen-Forest"

     An addition to my sketchbook...not part of the weekly challenges...I am still working on this week's challenge!
Pillowcases for Cook Children's Hospital
     Cook Children's is a hospital in Fort Worth, TX...a wonderful facility which caters to, of course, children.  I have been a volunteer "stitcher" with them for several years and one thing I like to work on is the pillowcases as they are quick to make and given to each of the patients to use and keep.  My husband volunteers one day a weed in the Transitional Care Unit and has since he retired 11 years ago.  He loves it and has gained a real respect for all those who work with the kids!

My rendition of Jane Sassaman's techniques from her workshop I took a month ago....18" x 24".

     The Jane Sassasman class was on using fusible interfacings for backings, machine quilting, cutting away excess on back as you sewed.  I learned a lot from her class; I just didn't come out with exactly the same look as what she showed us, but I am happy with it.  Although it isn't truly my type of thing, I was really in it to learn her techniques to use for other things and I did! 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Zentangle # 26-String Theory #3-Spirals

Zentangle Challenge # 26-"The Eyes Have It"-String Theory-spiral

The Diva's Challenge for this week was another string theory...this time "Spirals"! Another fun zentangle to do.
     Trinity Valley Guild Meeting was today..Harriet Hargrave was our speaker; she is such a talented person with machine quilting.  She really started the trend for machine quilting in the '80s and has written several books on the subject.  She was here about three years ago and I took her workshop then.  I learned so much from her; but one thing she really emphasized was PRACTICE!!  and I was not a very good student along those lines so much of what I learned has not stayed with me!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Go, Mavs!!

 I just watched the Mavs parade in Big D...from the coolness of my home south of Fort Worth!!!  Except for the fact they are in "DALLAS"...I am very proud of them...great spirit!!  And I just finished "The Tiger's Wife"..catch my "review" on my sidebar...Now to get busy on some quilty stuff!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Zentangle Challenge #25-Zendala

The Diva gave us a challenge to use a predrawn Genevieve Crabe  then we were to add the tangles....Very fun challenge...I am curious to see what others did with the pattern.
My "ZENDALA" for the Challenge

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Stuff on my Blog

I recently learned how to add stuff to my sidebars so have just put up a couple of new things.  One is "Goodreads", a book club/listing etc that I have been following and adding to for a few years.  The other is Sketchbook Challenge which I am entering every once in awhile. And the third is "3 Creative Studios", a website which has oodles of interesting stuff for artists, quilters, anyone interested in art related things..with free tutorials and challenges galore.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Concert in the Gardens

Asleep at the Wheel-"Western Swing"

Fireworks after every concert.

Last night we had a great time with our poker buddies....attended the first "concert in the gardens" of the season...Fort Worth Botanical Gardens hosts concerts all summer long.  We go every fourth of July with family, but this time we all wanted to see "Asleep at the Wheel" perform.  For those unfamiliar with the group, they play oldies but goodies from a genre named "Texas/Western Swing" which originated probably in the 30s....most prominently known musician for starting the style is Bob Wills.

We all took our picnics, food and drinks to share, and joined a very jovial audience sitting around in our lawn chairs on the grounds in front of the stage.  As we were nearly two hours early, we ate then played a few rounds of poker on our cooler/table.  Always a pleasant event...we met a couple celebrating their 62nd anniversary and a couple who graduated from our alma mater...University of Missouri.  

The concerts are another reason why we love Fort Worth!!

This morning I am back into a sewing mode...I am finishing up my version of what I learned at the Jane Sassaman  workshop.  And want to make some pillowcases for Cook Children's Hospital...they use colorful pillowcases for their patients and also at their many summer camps..then the kids get to take them home!