Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some Finished Projects!

A new ZIA-"Zen-Forest"

     An addition to my sketchbook...not part of the weekly challenges...I am still working on this week's challenge!
Pillowcases for Cook Children's Hospital
     Cook Children's is a hospital in Fort Worth, TX...a wonderful facility which caters to, of course, children.  I have been a volunteer "stitcher" with them for several years and one thing I like to work on is the pillowcases as they are quick to make and given to each of the patients to use and keep.  My husband volunteers one day a weed in the Transitional Care Unit and has since he retired 11 years ago.  He loves it and has gained a real respect for all those who work with the kids!

My rendition of Jane Sassaman's techniques from her workshop I took a month ago....18" x 24".

     The Jane Sassasman class was on using fusible interfacings for backings, machine quilting, cutting away excess on back as you sewed.  I learned a lot from her class; I just didn't come out with exactly the same look as what she showed us, but I am happy with it.  Although it isn't truly my type of thing, I was really in it to learn her techniques to use for other things and I did! 

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