Sunday, October 15, 2017

Susan Shie at the Texas Quilt Museum

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” 
― Coco Chanel

     I had the privilege of going to the Texas Quilt Museum in La Grange, Texas this weekend to hear one of my favorite fiber artist speak...Susan Shie. I have admired her work for many years and was fortunate enough to attend her workshop at her home in Wooster, Ohio, fall of 1914.  We, my daughter Andrea and I, stayed with her in her home where classes were held in her studio, Turtle Moon. Susan is very politically much so the she had painted her garage door in homage to Obama even before he became president
Susan Shie's Garage door in Wooster, Ohio
 While we were there we felt as though we were living in a museum because her entire house is filled with her art. So when we heard Susan was going to be at the Texas Quilt Museum this month, Andrea and I knew we wanted to go see her.  She has not changed a bit!  She is as funny and outspoken as ever and it was a real pleasure to see her.  I took several pictures of her work...I don't have all the right titles for everything, but you can see the meaning behind each one.  Note that ALL the background is covered with her writing, either explaining  the quilt, telling a story, or just expressing her opinion. So try to enlarge each if you can.

Susan at the podium
There was a "No Photography" on the sign which Susan readily corrected!
Susan on the floor/me on the bench talking to her while she did sketches on the
pamphlets about the show. You can see the size of her work in the background.
Mandela by Susan Shie at the Texas Quilt Museum
Susan on her home with "Mandala" pinned on her wall in 2014.  We were
fortunate to see this original work before it went out to the public.  Libby
her labradoodle, is on the floor.
The label on the back of Mandela...her labels are as
unique and special as her quilts.
Trust and Tolerance
To understand a lot of the symbolism used by Susan, you can go to the links in my first paragraph.  There is also an explanation about her Tarot Cards from this interview by Debra Gabel.

Obama Taking the Oath of Office (enlarge to see all the script in the background and on the clothing)
Susan's Homage to "First Lady" Michelle Obama
Obama's Garden...all the good that Obama tried to do with Michelle
by his side doing her part.
Hillary by Susan Shie
A Closeup from "Hillary"
On the Immigration Policy
Fearless Girl...the sculpture on Wall Street and at the
bottom is a row of gals with Susan who all
attended the Woman's March in Washington. Susan
had made aprons for all of them to wear with different
slogans on all of them.
Being quite the pro activist all of her life,  Susan told of being at the protest against the Vietnam War at Kent State in 1970 when the National Guard was called in and students were shot.  She was a student there herself and was planning to protest but as soon as the tear gas began, she left as she was pregnant and did not want to do damage to her baby.

After the talk was over, Andrea and I as well as a few other friends and guests of the museum went to dinner.  She had a couple of small quilts that she showed us at that time.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience that was well worth the four hour drive to get there.  We spent the night and returned today (Sunday).

Monday, October 9, 2017

NTAQ October Meeting

"The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.” 
― John Ruskin,

      Today, my favorite group of artists minus one, got together at my house for our October meeting. We met a week earlier than usual so Andrea, who is a working woman, could meet with us as she had the day off.  Our Challenge this month was a painting by Degas....Dancers at the Barre. This month's choice was from Rhonda and she was the only one not at our meeting!

"Dancers at the Barre
We love our is so much fun to see how different each one is!  So here is our reveal of the Challenge:

Tina's-(a different approach...she pixelated the painting before beginning (not finished)
All of our Degas' challenges put together for a picture!
(spread on the floor..excuse the bright white sunlight spot in the middle!)

Then some had other things to also show:
Kay- another Shibori dyeing
Kay-challenge from last month -Transparency
Wendy-hand quilted triangles
Wendy's triangles-closeup
Tina's "Louvers" made from some custom made batik and matching  solids
Andrea's Mandalas- put all together-for a total quilt/wall  hanging
Topping the meeting off with lunch...we have gotten in the habit of bringing a sack lunch and the hostess will provide drinks and a dessert!  Then we make plans for our next meeting. 

 In November, SAQA, of which many of us are members, is planning on meeting November 11 to go to the Cross Timbers Annual Artists' Tour. I have linked you to their website for dates, locations, a map etc.  We went last year and it was great!  All kinds of artists, not just fiber arts!  Potter, weavers, paper maker, watercolorists, and more!!! Our NTAQ next meeting will be on November 13 so look for more exciting art!!!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

North SAQA September Meeting

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” 
― Pablo Picasso

     I am a little late in posting this blog but....last Saturday the September meeting of North Texas SAQA met at our new meeting place, Must Love Quilts, a lovely fabric shop in Grapevine.  They have a couple of classrooms that we can use for our meetings and, of course, there is a bit of shopping going on after our meetings!
      First Deborah, our fearless leader, told us about new Calls for Entries for SAQA members....that would be shows and other opportunities to apply to have quilts in a show.  Then we talked about some ideas for future meetings.  And because it was Heather's birthday, I had brought some cupcakes to celebrate. Then the highlight of the meeting...showing what we had been working on!

Heather shows her paper collage from which
 she made the blue quilt  below

A Heather quilt and the collage which inspired it
Deborah's Modern Quilt
Deborah's second quilt
Carolyn shows her small quilt adhered to a canvas.
Jackie shows her art quilt..beautiful quilting to see.
Jackie also showed some hand stitching she has been working on
Jo has been making little purses 
And a very cute Flamingo quilt was shown as well as the following  two pictures

Deborah's cute little beetle
Deborah Beschert has been published in Modern Patchwork for her cute little Beetle Pattern
And my assortment of quilts from NTAQ challenges to my Van Gogh Iris
      And our final item...very important aspect!!  Lunch!!  There are several good eateries around Must Love Quilts which also makes it a very good location for meetings.  Next month we will be meeting on Saturday, October 21....anyone  reading  this who is interested in learning oSAQA is welcome to join us!