Saturday, January 31, 2015

Art Quilts' Around the World-Structure

       The Art Quilts' Around the World theme for this month is  "Structure". Last fall my daughter Andrea and I took a trip to Ohio to a Susan Shie workshop. After a terrific week there, we did some touristy stuff...Niagara Falls, Mackinac Island, and one of our closer to home spots was the Gateway Arch at St. Louis, Missouri. We rode the cable car to the top and peered out the little slits of windows! Fabulous trip!

"Structure"-The Gateway Arch

The Mighty Mississippi looking over at Illinois 
St. Louis, Missouri
My inspiration photo!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My 100 for the Fiber Artists for a Cause

    I have finally finished!  The Auction for the Fiber Artists for the a Cause donation wall hangings, etc begins February 4 on line.  I had planned to have mine ready for several weeks, but as most of my plans took me a lot longer than I thought it would.
"Cardinal in the Snow"
   While I was thinking about  what to do, there were many pictures of Cardinals in the snow posted on the Internet....I am a big fan of the cardinal so seeing all of these, I was inspired to create a work of art on this theme.  I had put a teaser out there a couple months ago.
My teaser
The fabrics I planned to use and the beads to embellish.

       I began with the white on white fabrics I had been collecting, then added the branches and began quilting. I started with the little circles on the piece which was about 30" x 22"; then did some straight line quilting. I just wasn't very happy with the results so I decided to rip the quilting out and start over. So that evening I sat in front of the TV with my little steam ripper and, in two hours I had torn out about an inch and a half! Consequently, I decided it would be smarter to just start over!!! And, after seeing many of the other artist' works, I realized mine was quite a bit larger. So when I made my second one, I downsized it to a more manageable 12"x16"!
      I still started with the white on white, then did the quilting which I was much happier with, then added the limbs, did the beading (which took quite a bit longer than I thought it would), and put on my little Cardinal.  Here are a couple of close ups:

And a couple of the pictures that inspired me!

     And I discovered there are several legends surrounding the cardinal, one of which is when you see a cardinal you are receiving a visit from someone you have lost! I like that thought!!! So please go to the link given in my first paragraph to see even more fabulous art and to participate in the Cause. It is such an honor to be with this prestigious group and to help out with the Cause of finding a cure for cancer!


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Art Inspired Overload!

     I am in Art Inspired Overload!! This past week, I have been totally saturated by art and artists! My first exposure was my Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild meeting a week ago Friday...great bunch of ladies who are more into traditional quilting, lovely but not the direction I usually travel. Although, our speaker this month was the very talented Carol Morrissey who is a Fiber Artist.
An example of her fabulous work!
     Then the Saturday following, I went to Dallas to the North Texas Circle of Studio Art Quilters' Association (SAQA). Now I am beginning my overload journey!  What a bunch of talented gals!
Showing wall hangings made from t-shirt 
Valerie showing a hand-dyed art.
And a scarf that Valery has made-very unique
Heather showing one of the Shibori pieces she purchased from a recent trip to Japan.

Natalie showing her "calligraffiti"
Carolyn with her "sunset" wall hanging
     After the meeting and lunch, we were invited to see Valery Guignon's studio, "The Primordial Ooze" in East Dallas. What a talented lady!  She does it all..her current focus being art clothing.  Her studio is so named because she proudly admits she never throws anything away!!

Valery with a couple of her friends (yes, she made them).

     Then Monday, I hit the Inspiration Jackpot!! My studioQ art group met at Kay's. We had our show and tell and discussed our latest venture.
Five of our latest study..working with units
     Our latest study is how to make quilts using repetitive elements, varying the size and lines widths to create a pleasing design.  This is our third session on this time we will create a wall hanging using two related elements...using black and white.
     Then after lunch, we traveled to Keller, to the Elm Street Studio to see an exhibit by Heather Pregger...her first private showing!

Heather with my favorite
     So I am home...working on my wall hanging for the "100" donation which is almost finished....totally in my mind is filled with all I have seen in the past week!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bathroom Renovations

     My ugly bathroom is now beautiful! Thanks to my plan which the contractor  Steve Wison and his able crew made into a work of art! Especially his men, Sergio and Carlos and the rest of the crew, and the guys from Vader Glass led by Javier who installed the gorgeous glass wall!
Before shower

After shower

Before vanity 

After vanity

I am so excited to try out my shower but I have to wait 24 hours to let the silicon set up!!! Patience is a virtue! And I also had my guest bath updated! 

Old vanity and mirror

New vanity and mirror....the mirror is not new, it was my grandmother's and hung in my mom's house all her life. And the lights are new!