Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Zentangle Challenge #24-String Theory #2-"Stripes"

Another fun challenge by the Diva!!  "Stripes"..very cool to do!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day-2011

     When I was a child in Illinois, we would get together with my grandmother each Memorial Day and visit all the cemeteries of deceased relatives to put flowers on their graves.  At each grave site, she would explain the relationship to us...at a young age, all I was really concerned with was the picnic of fried chicken, potato salad, chocolate chip cookies and lemonade waiting for us as soon as we got to the park on a bluff above the Mississippi River.
      Now that I am much older and my grandmother is now one of the visited grave sites, I wish I had paid more attention to what she was telling me!!!  I no longer live anywhere near where we would go, but my brother faithfully carries on the tradition, with even more sites to visit.  It is not meant to be a sad time....just a remembering time....but a tradition that I don't think the younger generation will probably carry on with, considering our mobile society.

Our little country cemetery in Illinois

     We visited DC in 2002 for the first time and the daily honoring of the grave of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery is most impressive.

Arlington National Cemetery-Washington, DC

Saturday, May 28, 2011

studioQ meeting

We had our May meeting last week rather than our usual "last Monday" because the last Monday is  Memorial Day.  We decided to do Spirit Dolls again as many missed doing that activity when we met before.  We also had a show of recent works.  And some of us had our batik challenge quilts pieced to show.  Several months ago, we all brought 12 inch batik squares to trade....the challenge was to create a wall hanging using some of all the batiks, plus one other fabric and as much of your own batik fabric as needed.
My Batik Challenge...need to do the quilting and embellishments.

Wendy's latest which is going to be in her show in Houston next month!

Heather's newest...neutrals and color combined

Bethany's Batik Challenge (to be completed)

Susan's Batik Challenge

A whole cloth quilt by Susan

And the latest spirit dolls...some brought pet pictures.  I didn't get finished with mine...doing my grandkids.

Zentangle Challenge # 23-String Theory

Our internet connection has been really weird the last couple of days, so I have not been able to post anything.  But today, we seemed to get the right tech because we are now back on line!!  This week, the diva gave the challenge to "tangle" a pre-drawn string.  It will be fun to see all the different ways everyone interprets this!

The original string from the Diva

My "tangling" of the string...upside down from the original!

I hope I am not too late in posting this to get it in on the diva's slide show!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Zentangle Challenge # 22-With a Little Help from My Friend

This is my second post for today.... here is my latest Zentangle Challenge...this is the one that my husband drew the string for and I "tangled" it.  It just hollered out at me...I AM a Dragon!!!

The original string and...

My "tangle"...I AM a Dragon!!

Jane Sassaman's Workshop

My title is a little misleading because I have no pictures of what I did. I am very slow at working on anything new but I have a good start.  It was a very good workshop; her work is incredible and she is a very fun speaker....grew up in the '50s-'60s to which I could certainly relate!  And I learned so much about how she does applique...I like the look of some applique, but never really liked the traditional way of doing it.  So her technique was very refreshing to learn....I think I will actually use it!!  The project we started is third on my list of "things to do".

But what I really enjoyed from the workshop was working next to a couple of very neat ladies...both I have known for awhile but not well.  While working on our projects we were able to talk freely and I discovered that one of my tablemates, Sue Needle,  not only is "into" zentangles" but she is in one of Suzanne McNeill's books: Zentangle-FabricArts, Quilting and Embroidery. Here is a sampling of her work...she also has a few other pages in the book.  Sue also had on Zentangle "tennis shoes" that she had done herself....a very talented lady who is also a long-arm quilter.


And although I kind of knew it, I discovered that Suzanne McNeill is right here in my own back yard, so to speak.  She is located in Fort Worth...she has a blog and a website.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Zentangle Challenge!

The newest challenge is to have someone else draw the string for me and then I will "tangle" it!!  Fun!!!  My husband drew this for me...I haven't worked on it yet, but will...already have several ideas buzzing around in my head!

Busy week coming up...tomorrow a workshop with Jane Sassaman.  I just finished getting my stuff together from her list...should be very fun!  

A Jane Sassaman work

And another one of Jane's work.

Her work is very colorful and lively.  I am most interested in seeing how she makes her quilts; what her technique is.  It is a kind of applique, I think...but not the more traditional way of turning the fabric under, etc. which I do not do very well, nor really enjoy!   I like the look but not the work involved!!!  And then on Friday, she is to be our speaker at our guild meeting.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Zentangle Challenge # 21-"OOF"-Out of Focus

A new challenge put out by the Diva..."OOF" is a zentangle designed by the originators of the whole Zentangle "madness"...but a good madness!  I have really been taken by doing these so I really appreciate Maria (Zentangle creator) and the Diva who challenges me each week!!

And here are pictures of the two band concerts we attended this past week to see the grands...we are always so impressed by how much these kids can do in the time they are in school/band!  Big thanks to their band directors for a fabulous job!!

Our favorite tuba player, in the middle.
Summer Creek Middle School Band
North Crowley High Honors Band
And our favorite French hornist, setting up for the concert!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A New Zentangle

"Through My Garden Gate"

This is a zentangle that I did recently, and I have added a new one to the left side of my blog.  In adding the Zentangle Challenge "Ixorus" (one of the early challenges from the diva),  I changed up my blog so that you can click on that image and it will take you to the pictures I have on Flickr.  I thought that might be easier to keep them all together....and I have other older pictures of things out there too.  I am planning to use Flickr even more as a good way to store pictures "out there".

Last night we attended a wonderful concert! Our grandson's Middle School Spring concert!  And a nice surprise...he has been asked to be in the Jazz Band...in which he will be more active next year as an eighth grader.  Tomorrow night is another great concert....our granddaughter's High School Band Spring concert.  I have some pics of his and will add some of hers after tomorrow night!

Nice rainy day today...we did get a little soaked last night...just as we were leaving the concert, the sky opened up!  And today, no where we had to go, so we stayed home and enjoyed about three hours of a soaking rainfall!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

My baby girls!
Very nice weekend!  Spent yesterday evening with one daughter and her family...good company, good eats.  And had a nice long phone conversation with the other daughter.  Then today, I spent the whole day just doing whatever I wanted!  Finished reading a book, started sewing my challenge quilt for this year's guild show.  The topic is "Going Green", recycling, etc. and the challenge quilt is to be made of reusable fabrics plus a mystery fabric that was given to everyone who is entering.  I have spent several days "de"-constructing fabric in order to put it back together again!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Zentangle Challenge # 20: Tanglicious Royal Wedding

The latest challenge from the diva is in honor of the Royal Wedding.  She posted the neatest slideshow of the wedding to give us all inspiration...there were so many things that could be used!  I decided to focus on the idea of wedding rings, the floral arrangements, the church ceiling and rose windows.

This is actually the first one I did but I thought it got a little busy.  Here I am trying to focus on the symbols on the Bishop's cloak, the braid on Prince Harry, again the ceiling, angle wings and fleur d' lis.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No More Daily Challenges!

I kind of miss having my daily challenges with my daughter!  So I am going to just have to blog aimlessly!  We had the most wonderful rainfall for two days...Sunday and Monday, so my concern about wildfires are put to rest for awhile!

Last week, my studioQ group met.  We had the most fun making Spirit Dolls!  It seems kind of crazy for us ol' gals to sit around playing with paper dolls, but that is what keeps us young!

The little cutie in the middle is mine.  We put magnets on them so they could go on the refrigerator.

And I finished my Kaleidoscope quilt, all finished but for the sleeve and the label.  It is about 45" square.  I used much of the fabric I bought in Juneau a year and a half ago when we drove to Alaska!  Any fabric I purchase seems to need to "age" a little before I can cut into it!

I am going to name this quilt "Totem".

And today, we drove to Dallas with a couple of friends to see the Stickley/Craftsman exhibit at the DMA before it closes next weekend.  There was also an excellent display of North American Art...bead work, carvings, masks, etc.  from Indian tribes all over NA.  Then after lunch we went to the Nasher Sculpture Garden and Gallery...always a favorite place for me!

We and our friends like to think we are part of the wonderful world of art!!