Thursday, May 5, 2011

Zentangle Challenge # 20: Tanglicious Royal Wedding

The latest challenge from the diva is in honor of the Royal Wedding.  She posted the neatest slideshow of the wedding to give us all inspiration...there were so many things that could be used!  I decided to focus on the idea of wedding rings, the floral arrangements, the church ceiling and rose windows.

This is actually the first one I did but I thought it got a little busy.  Here I am trying to focus on the symbols on the Bishop's cloak, the braid on Prince Harry, again the ceiling, angle wings and fleur d' lis.


  1. I can tell you are really enjoying the Zentangle challenges. It's allowing you to flex your creative muscles in such a whimsical way. Thanks for sharing them with your blog fans.

  2. Ooooh, very cool! I love the use of Betweed into the windows. My favorite is the one with the rings

  3. Jay, these are wonderful! You've inspired me to try Zentangles. They look like fun!