Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Zentangle Challenge!

The newest challenge is to have someone else draw the string for me and then I will "tangle" it!!  Fun!!!  My husband drew this for me...I haven't worked on it yet, but will...already have several ideas buzzing around in my head!

Busy week coming up...tomorrow a workshop with Jane Sassaman.  I just finished getting my stuff together from her list...should be very fun!  

A Jane Sassaman work

And another one of Jane's work.

Her work is very colorful and lively.  I am most interested in seeing how she makes her quilts; what her technique is.  It is a kind of applique, I think...but not the more traditional way of turning the fabric under, etc. which I do not do very well, nor really enjoy!   I like the look but not the work involved!!!  And then on Friday, she is to be our speaker at our guild meeting.


  1. Ooo, you're gonna have fun!.....

  2. i have begun doing a small amount of zentangling every night before i fall asleep . . . very relaxing and yet still creative.
    have enjoyed seeing your explorations within the art.