Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A New Zentangle

"Through My Garden Gate"

This is a zentangle that I did recently, and I have added a new one to the left side of my blog.  In adding the Zentangle Challenge "Ixorus" (one of the early challenges from the diva),  I changed up my blog so that you can click on that image and it will take you to the pictures I have on Flickr.  I thought that might be easier to keep them all together....and I have other older pictures of things out there too.  I am planning to use Flickr even more as a good way to store pictures "out there".

Last night we attended a wonderful concert! Our grandson's Middle School Spring concert!  And a nice surprise...he has been asked to be in the Jazz which he will be more active next year as an eighth grader.  Tomorrow night is another great concert....our granddaughter's High School Band Spring concert.  I have some pics of his and will add some of hers after tomorrow night!

Nice rainy day today...we did get a little soaked last night...just as we were leaving the concert, the sky opened up!  And today, no where we had to go, so we stayed home and enjoyed about three hours of a soaking rainfall!

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  1. Beautiful drawing - keep up the good work! *G*