Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jane Sassaman's Workshop

My title is a little misleading because I have no pictures of what I did. I am very slow at working on anything new but I have a good start.  It was a very good workshop; her work is incredible and she is a very fun speaker....grew up in the '50s-'60s to which I could certainly relate!  And I learned so much about how she does applique...I like the look of some applique, but never really liked the traditional way of doing it.  So her technique was very refreshing to learn....I think I will actually use it!!  The project we started is third on my list of "things to do".

But what I really enjoyed from the workshop was working next to a couple of very neat ladies...both I have known for awhile but not well.  While working on our projects we were able to talk freely and I discovered that one of my tablemates, Sue Needle,  not only is "into" zentangles" but she is in one of Suzanne McNeill's books: Zentangle-FabricArts, Quilting and Embroidery. Here is a sampling of her work...she also has a few other pages in the book.  Sue also had on Zentangle "tennis shoes" that she had done herself....a very talented lady who is also a long-arm quilter.


And although I kind of knew it, I discovered that Suzanne McNeill is right here in my own back yard, so to speak.  She is located in Fort Worth...she has a blog and a website.

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