Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Special Day...July 20th!

Picture Title....We've been there!!!!
Yesterday...July 20th...was a really neat day...I was too pooped to write about it. so will do so this evening. First, it was the anniversary of our man on the moon! As I told my Facebook friends, I remember it well...a very hot day in Missouri watching the event on our small b/w television trying to pacify a hot, tired teething baby! Yesterday was also my Dad's birthdate...he would be 97 if still living The 20th is also the date we signed the final papers on our property 11 years ago.
Yesterday...I had lunch with a good friend..we ate at the Flying Fish in Fort Worth....yummy! A unique place that has a heart! You know of people who "rescue" different breed of dogs? Well, they have taken it upon themselves to "rescue" all the unwanted Billy Basses of the World! Does anyone remember when someone came out with those plastic mounted bass on a board...just like a catch; only when you punched a button, the fish's head would turn and sing some ridiculous fishing song to you! The restaurant must have 50 on the wall and have little signs on the table that they will give you a free catfish dinner for turning in your Billy Bass!
And the last good thing about yesterday...it RAINED!!! (also rained a little this morning but the drought is not broken)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Quilt Show Entries

We had our monthly guild meeting today. Pat Speth was the speaker. She had some pretty neat ideas for interesting borders and although nickel quilts are her thing, she said she is getting ready to put a book together just about borders, using some of her 5" block techniques.

Today was also the day we had to turn in our entry forms for the quilt show in September. I have one completed but for the label, one almost finished except for one little thing on the front and sleeve and label, and one quilt just barely begun....my group quilt from the studioQ gals...but I have most of the things ready for it and in my head so I pretty much know what I am going to do with it.

Here's a picture of the two that are mostly ready to go!
The first one is "Inner City"...the English paper pieced quilt I did earlier this spring. And the second is for our quilt challenge...a quilt with a log cabin block somewhere in it. We are going to have quite a few I think....many traditional and several more of the art quilt variety. I am calling mine "Some Assembly Required". I had the idea to have a scene with a log cabin in a log cabin border, then there was a cartoon in the paper by "Shoe" that had a sign "Log Cabin for Sale" with only woods showing...when one of the characters questioned "No log cabin"...he was told to look at the small print "some assembly required"!! I am going to make a small sign on mine also to nail to one of my trees!
My scholarship committee met Monday and picked out two recipients from our 13 applications! That was a record number of applicants....we went for the two who seemed to show the most need as well as merit and dedication to subject....one girl from Bedford majoring in photography and one girl from Houston majoring in antimation. I am anxious to see how they do....their applications were wonderful!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Amon Carter Art Museum

Today, Dick and I were in Fort Worth and visited the Amon Carter Museum to see this exhibit. If you have not been, I highly recommend going! We were extremely impressed with the entire showing!! We feel so fortunate to be able to visit such wonderful Museums as are in the FW area! The Modern and the Kimbell are equally impelling....I just love them all...and the whole Arts District Area!
We were actually in FW for an appt. for me to get my eyes checked...yes, I do need new glasses! And, of course, while in the approximate vicinity, we had to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Blue Mesa. Then, we went to the Amon Carter. And were we ever glad that we did!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My "terrific" family!!!

Fireworks at the Botanical Gardens, Fort Worth, Texas

Last night we went to the Botanical Gardens for a picnic and fireworks...Happy Fourth of July to all of us!!! Although it was REALLY HOT!!! we had a great time, way too much food, but a terrific fireworks display and wonderful concert!
After posting my last blog, I discovered (with the help of my husband and eldest daughter that I had creatively spelled "tomatoE") so I have corrected the word by editing it! And that is why my family is so wonderful!!! Dick and I spend every morning after breakfast on our back porch with a cup of coffee and our crossword puzzles. And I am always teasing my husband about his "creative spelling" so this was his opportunity to "get me back"! And my daughter is just being the really good teacher that she is....I am sure...(while catching Mom, the retired teacher, in a goof!!!)
I have been working on my log cabin challenge quilt and what I thought was just going to be a fast do is turning into something I am really enjoying working on. So I will have to post a pic of it when I get a little farther (or is it further?) along!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hot and hotter!!

My round robin quilt All of studioQ's round robin quilts
Our studio Q met Monday at Bethany's. She demonstrated using Shiva Paintstix on fabric...pretty neat! Probably something I will need to get someday!! We showed off our newest "recipe" blocks. Above, are my two...the top is th newest one...overlapping blocks..and the lower one is the first we did...whimisical. Our next "ingredient" is going to be a real challenge! It is "black and white teeth"....now, it should be interesting to see how everyone interprets that!! We are meeting at Wendy's for our July meeting. Also have poste the pics of my Round Robin quilt and then all of our Round Robin quilts. We are going to all finish them and put them into the show in September.

Over a hundred for the temperature again today...our tomato crop is about gone...didn't really have too many this year. Strange weather...too cool/wet; then too hot/dry! Ahhh, Texas!!

I am working on my log cabin challenge. I decided since I was promoting it for the show I should probably make one too. So far I am liking it pretty well...just making a pretty quick one so don't really expect anything from it. I also need to work on my group quilt and maybe one more if I have time. I do have one finished....my red and greens Inner City which I think I have posted earlier.