Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Special Day...July 20th!

Picture Title....We've been there!!!!
Yesterday...July 20th...was a really neat day...I was too pooped to write about it. so will do so this evening. First, it was the anniversary of our man on the moon! As I told my Facebook friends, I remember it well...a very hot day in Missouri watching the event on our small b/w television trying to pacify a hot, tired teething baby! Yesterday was also my Dad's birthdate...he would be 97 if still living The 20th is also the date we signed the final papers on our property 11 years ago.
Yesterday...I had lunch with a good friend..we ate at the Flying Fish in Fort Worth....yummy! A unique place that has a heart! You know of people who "rescue" different breed of dogs? Well, they have taken it upon themselves to "rescue" all the unwanted Billy Basses of the World! Does anyone remember when someone came out with those plastic mounted bass on a board...just like a catch; only when you punched a button, the fish's head would turn and sing some ridiculous fishing song to you! The restaurant must have 50 on the wall and have little signs on the table that they will give you a free catfish dinner for turning in your Billy Bass!
And the last good thing about yesterday...it RAINED!!! (also rained a little this morning but the drought is not broken)


  1. hi Jay and thank you for your visit and comment. i wanted to give you the link/address for the Sunday Postcard Art site.
    i recommend it as an inspiring site to visit even if you decide not to participate in the challenges. lots of imagination and beautiful postcards~!!~


  2. I said it before and I'll say it again.... I am NEVER cranky!!

    Glad you all got some rain.

  3. That's a hoot about the big mouth billy bass singing fish. I've got one somewhere around the house and definitely consider it a collector's item. It was the pet rock of it's day! Mine sings "Don't Worry Be Happy" and another song - "Take Me To The River" I think:-)