Friday, August 31, 2012

Dare Challenges #19-20

I had started doing the Dare Challenges posed by Bright Owl several months ago; then I kind of got away from them and now I am back. The Bright Owl gives a starter of a Zendala (mandala-zentangle style) for the participants to copy.  Then we are to fill with zentangles and post on her blog on Thursdays.

As I just returned, I am very far behind!  But I was able to get the last two challenges completed...and although they are to be posted on Thursdays, I am a little late in getting mine up as it is Friday!  So, those of you out there checking out the challenges, please give me a little slack this week...and starting today, I will do better and get them out there on time!!

From last week...# 19

For this week..# 20

Last August Challenge

The last day of the August Challenge is to tell what I have learned this month...well, I have learned several things about myself...things I did know just wasn't really aware of the focus or importance of some of the topics!

And even more fun for me were the things I learned about my daughter (check out her blog) who was also doing the challenge....she is the one who got me started on the whole thing; therefore, I followed her blog religiously to see what SHE had to say!!  Again, nothing terrible revealing...(except...a mystery date "Nov. 5, 1988" which I am going to have to squeeze out of her!!) just again her focus on some subjects that I found very interesting...expressions of opinions which none really surprised fact, it is interesting how similar she and I are in our thinking!    She is always such a good writer...could really go professional, I think.

So, now that the month is at an end....I will bore you no more with my ramblings on personal subjects!  But I will try to come up with some interesting ideas to share...and to continue with my zentangle some of my fiber arts projects....discuss books I am reading, etc.  Until the next blog challenge........!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

August # 30- A Letter to Myself in 20 Years

And a letter to myself in 20 years!!  This may be considered a real fantasy!!  Although, many years ago, I took one of those internet age tests and I am statistically to live until age 96.6 years of age!!  So with that in mind...I have 24.9 years to go!!!

Dear Jay,

Well, here you are....still kicking!  You have outlived many of your friends and family; you are lookin' great...for your age!  And you still have that keen mind and sharp sense of humor!

And you have kept all your teeth!  Fortunately, your eyesight, although not perfect, is still pretty good.  Too bad they won't let you drive any more, but isn't it really nicer to be driven around?  Like Miss Daisy???  Good that you can still motivate on your own albeit slowly!

You can still enjoy have approximately 4+ years to go....what does that lead to?  Not to worry!  If you are still believing in reincarnation, you have whole 'nother life ahead!!  Do you still want to attend SAS?  Or maybe you'd rather take up something more daring?  You have spent all your life being pretty safe...kind of cowardly, actually! Talking about physical activities, that maybe in your next life you would like to be a barrel racer....or a pilot....or take up scuba driving!  Get some balls, girl, and go for it!!

Okay, signing off now...I know at your age, you get tired really easily and I don't want to wear you out!!

The younger you, Jay

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Zentangle Challenge # 84-"Blind Sighted"

The Zentangle Challenge for this week from the Diva is titled "Blind Sighted" (a little play on words).  The instructions were to draw a string (that is the area one draws in which to add the "zentangles") with one's eyes closed!!!!  Thus....

I loosely drew my tile shape first (rather than using a real tile size, I am drawing my challenges in a sketchbook of a much larger page); then closed my eyes and drew the string!  As you can see I somewhat missed the tile!!  But keeping with the challenge, I left my string hanging out!  And made the background of the tile part of the design.

Challenge # 84-"Blind Sighted"

August # 29-A Letter to My 18 year old self

Here is a letter to my 18-year old self!  From the viewpoint of the 70+ Me!

18 year old Me
Dear Jay,

Here you are just starting have many challenges before you, but nothing you can not handle!!  You are going to experience many wonderful things; travel to many wonderful places; come in contact with many wonderful people.

You are living history!  Many changes are going to take place in your lifetime...many inventions; many social changes; leaps and bounds in health care; a shrinking of the world and much!!

You are going to meet a tall, dark handsome stranger who will become your best will become a mother, a grandmother, a will live in many interesting places and you will learn many fantastic things

So don't be afraid of the holds wonders for you!  Remember to keep your desire to learn at the foremost and to keep an open, generous mind!  Life is good!!!

Your "older" self,  Jay

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August # 28-Five Books I Recommend

Today, I am to list five books that I recommend.  Again...this is not easy because I have read so many great books... Do I name recent books?  Do I name classic books?  Do I name books from way back when that have stuck in my mind through the years??  I have decided to do none of the above....I am going a different track....  I am going to list five authors that I love to read!! (In addition to the ones I listed the other day!) Below are book covers of some of my favorites by these authors...some are not new but still great reads!!!

Amy Tan

Margaret Atwood

John Irving

Jo Nesbo (a new one for me)

Stephen King (bear with me...not all his books are just scary scifi!!)

And of course there is John Grisham, Mark Twain, Arthur Conan Doyle, Marge Percy, Henning Mankell, Steig Larson, early Anne Rice, Harper Lee, Margaret Mitchell, Larry McMurty,  Cormac McCarthy....and ALL the others I cannot at this moment recall!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

August Challenge # 27-My Picture-Now/Last Year

The # 27th challenge in the month of August is to post a picture of myself taken this year and a picture taken last year then to tell how I think I have changed....
My picture taken 2011

My picture taken 2012

I really don't think I have changed very much...I look a little chubbier in this year's picture but I haven't gained any weight...Maybe a few more wrinkles!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

August # 26-"To Read" Books

For today's challenge, I am to list five books on my "To Read" list.  Here they are...the covers and why they are on my list:

I have read the first of the trilogy...this is the second.
I love Alice Hoffman and read everything she wrties!
I heard a review with Diane Reames/ NPR and it sounds interesting.
I saw a review with this author on the Nightly New-PBS and looks good.
And I love Toni everything she writes!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

August challenge # 25-My Greatest Fear

Today's challenge is to tell about my greatest fear!  This is another really hard one for me.  I do not like to dwell on real I am just going to talk about some kind of light weight fears!!

 I fear that I have more projects in me than one life time can fulfill...and the fabric and art materials I have to use up will probably out live me also!!

I fear scorpions...although I have realized that their sting is not fatal as I first thought when moving to Texas many years ago!

I fear rats....(just saw some on the telly while I write this...BBC America)!

I fear that I am not going to have my quilts ready for the show in September!

And that about does it!

Friday, August 24, 2012

August # 24-A Letter to My Parents

My Dad and Mom-Wedding Day, June 8, 1937

Dear Mom and Dad,

Just a quick note to tell you "Thank You"!  I hope that you realized that I really appreciated all you did for me when you were living.  I am doing this challenge thing (which, if you can see this letter, you already know it.)  Now here I am a grandmother, thinking back to the days when I was a child.  I know that you both loved your children above and beyond anything else, as I do.  I also know you had a great marriage and were great "role models" for me in my marriage.

We did not always agree on everything, but I respected you and your opinions.  You were not only role models in marriage, but in your everyday dealings with people and your honesty...especially you, Dad.  I think your abhorrence of lying is one of the most important attributes I got from you....that and your insistence on fair treatment of all.

And you, Mom....your total "Mother Lioness" and your fantastic sense of humor; also your keen inquisitiveness and love of reading are what I think I received from you...oh, and both of you were terrific cooks!!!

Not to say your were one is, but I am not going to elaborate on any faults you may have had....they are not nearly as important as your positive influence on me and on what great parents you were....again, thank you and I love you!!!

Your daughter, Jay

Thursday, August 23, 2012

August Challenge # 23-What I Crave!

The August challenge for today is to tell of something I crave for...a lot!!  Well, I am pretty easily pleased...I like so many things...but I guess to fulfill the "craving" topic, I could say that I sometimes really crave chocolate; glazed donuts; fresh fruit...okay, those are all food items.

 In the non food category, I frequently crave peace and quiet; being all alone with my thoughts; but then sometimes I crave the company of others and, fortunately, I have many good friends and family members to call on at those times.  Then there is the craving for organization...thus a major cleaning/sorting/purging project..especially my studio!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August Challenge # 22-How Am I Different?

This is an interesting challenge...How am I different???  That might be better answered by someone else, but I will give it a stab.  Well, for one thing, I am 5' 10 1/2" tall which does make me somewhat different from most least it used to...I think young people today are a taller generation so my height might not seem as "freaky" as it was when I was a kid. Other differences:
  • I like butter on my oatmeal
  • I like liver and onions but only with a gallon of ketchup
  • I often mispronounce the amusement of my family!
  • I like Stephen King (not too many 70 year old women can say that!)
  • I have never been to Six Flags, Arlington TX (the original one)...and I am happy about that!
I am sure there are many more things, but none are coming to mind...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August Challenge #21-Makes Me Happy

Today's challenge is to post a picture of something that makes me happy...well, here I am again...there are so many things that make me family, my friends, my art, a good book, beautiful sunsets, fantastic scenery, etc...and many things that make me happy have already been posted in this challenge.  There are two people that I haven't blogged much about with the August grandkids.  They are about 3 1/2 years apart and have always been very good friends.  So, as they have been a source of happiness to me ever since they were born, I am going to post a few pictures of them through the years!!

Kathleen 1995
Colin 1998
Easter 2002
At the Duck Pond-Benbrook
At the Kimbell Art Gallery-Fort Worth
Kathleen's graduation-2012 (He finally outgrew her!)

Monday, August 20, 2012

August Challenge # 20-The Future

Today, the challenge states: "What does your future hold/ where would you like to be?'

Again, this seems to be somewhat of a twofold question....for one thing, who really knows what the future holds?  So since I  cannot see into the future...try as I might...I will merely tell of a few things that are in the works for the future:

  • my guild quilt show for which I am NOT September.
  • a few great family trips being planned in 2013...Hawaii, New Mexico, and 2014-Alaska
  • celebrating my 50 years of marriage to my best friend
  • a clean bill of health for my buddy
  • new schools for the and high school
As far as where I would like to be....I am pretty, I am very happy with where I am....I know that in years to come that living out here in the country will become more than we will be able to handle, but until then...we will stay right here!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

August Challenge # 19- Nicknames I Had or Have

When I was born, I was named Mary (tradition in my mother's family to name the second daughter Mary, a good Irish Catholic thing to do) be called Jackie...I don't know where that came from.  My sister who was two and a half years old when I was born, had difficulty saying Jackie so she called me Jay...which stuck to this day!  When I went to college, I thought it would be cool to be Jackie, but that didn't last Jay it is.  I need to mention; I did not know of this tradition until many years after I had my own children....My first daughter is named Mary!!  As is her first (and only) daughter.  And that is how family traditions get altered through the years!

Another nickname I have had in years past was given to me by some of my fellow teachers.  The middle school where I taught had decided to go with the teaming system, whereby a group of approximately 150 kids would share the same core teachers...even though I taught art and had all kids from all teams, the elective teachers were also on teams.  We were all given a group of about 20 for advisory period first thing in the morning.  We were kind of "responsible" for the well-being of those 20...did different activities, helped mentor,  etc.  Anyway, I was the team leader of my team...and I took my job very seriously but with a definite touch of humor!!  As a team leader it was my duty to attend team leader meetings where planning, decision making, activities to be done in advisory, etc were accomplished and then passed on to the teams by us.  I am also very competitive as were some of the other leaders, so I was very encouraging to and persuasive in wanting my team to excel....which we did!  So they lovingly gave me the nickname..."The Big B----"!  One of them even made me a bracelet made of those little alphabet beads spelling out "The Big B"...and I wore it every day with pride!!  When my students would see it, I would explain to them that it stood for  "The Big Boss".  I will leave it to you to decide what you think it stood for!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Shades of Gray Swap

Well, I've done it again!!  I have fallen under the spell of a swap...If you click on the "Shades of Gray" over there on the right, you will be linked to the gal who is responsible for this swap!  I think there may be a few more openings if you are interested. And there will be a link to the Flickr account where everyone is posting their "shade of gray" fabric.

I went shopping yesterday after my guild meeting to get my yardage for the swap thinking that shades of gray would be no problem to find!!  There were several, but not as many as I had hoped...I really wanted a batik but any batiks I saw also had other colors..not just gray.  And many other fabrics had large prints and we are doing 5" charm blocks so large prints would not work!  I finally settled on this Robert Kaufman fabric which, the  more I look at it, the more I like it!!  I got more than necessary for the swap because it may become my focus fabric.
Shades of Gray Swap
Fortunately, all this will not come together for awhile which is a good thing as I am working like crazy to get my quilts ready for our guild show the end of September.  There is a possibility that I have overplanned!!!  Nah!! I'll git 'er done!!

August Challenge #18-Trading Places

And for today's blog, I am to tell of someone I would like to switch lives with for one day and why!  This challenge was very perplexing for me ....I have many people I admire and in whose shoes I would like to walk a mile....then in mulling the topic over in my head, I got to thinking about  situations or historical happenings that would be fun to have witnessed....And again there are SO many!!!  I have picked out one!!  Then after the situation, I had to find a person who was there I could "be" for one day!

The historical event I would have liked to have witnessed is the maiden voyage of the Titanic....just the first leg!!   I first thought it would be fun to be in the shoes of Mrs. John Jacob Astor...then decided her entourage would not be "my kind of people"; so, wanting to be First Class and yet not with the snob set, I picked the Unsinkable Molly Brown...

Mrs. Margaret Tobin Brown
Once I had decided I had to a little research on her and discovered there is more to her than the persona I had attached to her through the Hollywood creation!  For one thing, she was never known in her lifetime as "Molly"...that was part of the Hollywood myth!  And I discovered she was of Irish descent (as am I), born in Hannibal, Missouri...near and dear to my childhood.  She was an early feminist who had migrated to Leadville Colorado; worked very hard, was very successful with her husband in the mining field, and led a really interesting life including being a survivor of the Titanic!!

I would like to trade places with her for 24 hours....the 24 hours BEFORE the Titanic struck the iceberg!!  I would love to see what the Titanic looked like/felt like...I am going to spend my entire 24 hours roaming all over the ship to get a real feel for the entire scene!  And for those who really like to read...I have included the entire article which came up when I googled Molly...whoops, I mean Margaret (another connection..there are a  lot of Margarets in my family including my oldest daughter!).

Molly Brown (Margaret Tobin) was born on 18th July, 1867 (1), in Hannibal, Missouri, the daughter of John Tobin and Johanna Collins (2), both Irish immigrants.
Her father, John Tobin, was widowed with one daughter, Catherine Bridget. When he met Johanna Collins, Johanna was also widowed with one daughter, whose name was Mary Ann. John and Johanna married and had four additional children: Daniel (1863), Margaret (1867), William (1869), and Helen (1871).
Margaret grew up in a cottage just blocks from the Mississippi River, and attended the grammar school run by her aunt, Mary O'Leary. As a teenager she worked stripping tobacco leaves at Garth's Tobacco Company in Hannibal.
At the age of eighteen she followed her sister, Mary Ann Tobin Landrigan, and Mary's new husband Jack Landrigan, to Leadville, Colorado, where they established a blacksmith shop. Margaret shared a cabin with her brother, Daniel Tobin, who worked in the mines and eventually became a successful mine promoter. Margaret, known as Maggie until she married, went to work for Daniels and Fisher Mercantile in Leadville, where she worked in the Carpets and Draperies department.
During the early summer of 1886, she met James Joseph ("J.J.") Brown, a miner whose parents had also immigrated from Ireland. They married on 1 September, 1886, at the Annunciation Church in Leadville, and lived in J.J.'s cabin in Stumpftown, a small, primarily Irish community up the hill from Leadville. The Browns had two children: Lawrence Palmer, born in 1887, and Catherine Ellen ("Helen"), born in 1889. After the birth of Lawrence, the Browns bought a house in Leadville and were eventually joined by members of both their families.

While her children were young, Margaret was involved in the early feminist movement in Leadville and the establishment of the Colorado Chapter of the National American Women's Suffrage Association. She also worked in soup kitchens to assist families of Leadville miners. When the Sherman Silver Act was repealed in 1893, Leadville was thrust into a deep depression and the unemployment rate was 90 percent. J.J. Brown, who had become superintendent of all the Ibex mining properties, had an idea. Convinced that the Little Jonny Mine might become a producer of gold rather than silver, he devised a timber-and-hay bale method to hold back the dolomite sand that had prevented them from reaching the gold at the lower depths of the mine. By October 29, 1893, the Little Jonny was shipping 135 tons of ore per day, and Brown was awarded 12,500 shares of stock and a seat on the board. Over the years he became one of the most successful mining men in the country.
On April 6, 1894, the Browns purchased a home on Pennsylvania Street in Denver and built a summer home, Avoca Lodge, in the foothills. Margaret became a founding member of the Denver Woman's Club, part of a network of clubs which advocated literacy, education, suffrage, and human rights in Colorado and throughout the United States. She raised funds to build the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception as well as St. Joseph's Hospital, and worked with Judge Ben Lindsey to help destitute children and establish the first Juvenile Court in the country, which eventually became the basis for today's U.S. juvenile court system. She also attended the Carnegie Institute in New York, where she studied literature, language, and drama. In addition to raising two children of her own, she raised the three daughters of her brother Daniel: Grace, Florence, and Helen Tobin, whose mother had died when they were young in White Pine, Colorado.
Margaret Tobin Brown was one of the first women in the United States to run for political office, and ran for the Senate eight years before women even had the right to vote. On July 25, 1914, with Alva Vanderbilt (Mrs O.H.P.) Belmont, she organized an international women's rights conference at Marble House in Newport, Rhode Island, which was attended by human rights activists from around the world. A lifelong advocate of human rights, Margaret was also a prominent figure following the Ludlow Massacre in Trinidad, Colorado, in April 1914, a significant landmark in the history of labor rights in the United States.
By the time Margaret Tobin Brown boarded Titanic at Cherbourg, France, she had already made a significant impact in the world. She and her daughter Helen, who was a student at the Sorbonne, had been traveling throughout Europe and were staying with the John Jacob Astor party in Cairo, Egypt, when Margaret received word that her first grandchild, Lawrence Palmer Brown, Jr., was ill. She decided to leave for New York immediately, and booked passage on the earliest ship: Titanic. At the last minute Helen decided to stay behind in London. Due to her quick decision, very few people, including family, knew that Margaret was on board the Titanic.
After the ship struck the iceberg, Margaret helped load others into lifeboats and eventually was forced to board lifeboat six. She and the other women in lifeboat six worked together to row, keep spirits up, and dispel the gloom that was broadcast by the emotional and unstable Robert Hichens. However, Margaret's most significant work occurred on Carpathia, where she assisted Titanic survivors, and afterwards in New York. By the time Carpathia reached New York harbor, Margaret had helped establish the Survivor's Committee, been elected as chair, and raised almost $10,000 for destitute survivors. Margaret's language skills in French, German, and Russian were an asset, and she remained on Carpathia until all Titanic survivors had met with friends, family, or medical/emergency assistance. In a letter to her daughter shortly after the Titanic sinking, she wrote:
"After being brined, salted, and pickled in mid ocean I am now high and dry... I have had flowers, letters, telegrams-people until I am befuddled. They are petitioning Congress to give me a medal... If I must call a specialist to examine my head it is due to the title of Heroine of the Titanic."
Her sense of humor prevailed; to her attorney in Denver she wired:
"Thanks for the kind thoughts. Water was fine and swimming good. Neptune was exceedingly kind to me and I am now high and dry."
On May 29, 1912, as chair of the Survivor's Committee Margaret presented a silver loving cup to Captain Rostron of the Carpathia and a medal to each Carpathia crew member. In later years Margaret helped erect the Titanic memorial that stands in Washington, D.C.; visited the cemetery in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to place wreaths on the graves of victims; and continued to serve on the Survivor's Committee. She was particularly upset that, as a woman, she was not allowed to testify at the Titanic hearings. In response she wrote her own version of the event which was published in newspapers in Denver, New York, and Paris.
Molly Brown with Captain Rostron of the Carpathia
Margaret used her new fame as a platform to talk about issues that deeply concerned her: labor rights, women's rights, education and literacy for children, and historic preservation. During World War I, she worked with the American Committee for Devastated France to help rebuild devastated areas behind the front line, and worked with wounded French and American soldiers (the Chateau of Blerancourt, a French-American museum outside of Paris, has a commemorative plaque that bears her name). In 1932 she was awarded the French Legion of Honor for her "overall good citizenship," which included helping organize the Alliance Francais, her ongoing work in raising funds for Titanic victims and crew, her work with Judge Ben Lindsey on the Juvenile Court of Denver, and her relief efforts during World War I.
In her latter years Margaret returned to her earlier fascination with drama, particularly Sarah Bernhardt, and studied in Paris in the Bernhardt tradition. She performed to appreciative audiences in Paris and New York.
J.J. Brown died 5 September 1922 in New York.
Margaret Tobin Brown died of a brain tumor on 26 October 1932, at the Barbizon Hotel in New York where she had been working with young actresses. After a simple funeral service Maggie was buried, next to J.J., in Long Island's Holy Rood Cemetery. Their daughter Helen Benziger (née Brown) died in Old Greenwich, Connecticut on 17 October 1993 at the age of 97.
Despite the legend, she was not ostracized by society nor rejected by her family. The myth of "Molly" Brown has very little to do with the real life of Margaret Tobin Brown, although it speaks to her spirit. Margaret was never known as "Molly": the name was a Hollywood invention. The story began in the 1930s with the colorful pen of Denver Post reporter Gene Fowler, who created a folk tale, and sensationalist writer Carolyn Bancroft, who wrote a highly fictional account for a romance magazine that was turned into a booklet. This story enjoyed various radio broadcasts during the 1940s and was the basis for the Broadway play, "The Unsinkable Molly Brown", which eventually became the MGM movie of the same name, starring Debbie Reynolds. Even James Cameron's 1997 film "Titanic"has very little to do with the real story of Margaret Tobin Brown. After attempting to mitigate or correct the legend of "Molly," the Brown family eventually withdrew from the public and refused to speak with writers, reporters, or historians. Only recently have they agreed to cooperate with the efforts of a historian, Kristen Iversen, and allowed access to letters, scrapbooks, photographs, and many personal effects of Margaret Tobin Brown that had previously been unavailable. The first full-length biography of Margaret Tobin Brown was published in June, 1999.

Friday, August 17, 2012

August Challenge #17-Baby Pic of Me

Today's challenge is to post a picture of myself as a here it is!!

A baby picture of me.

In looking at this "adorable" picture...I have decided I must have been a thumb sucker!  This would have been pre-pacifier days, and when I see that little thumb posed, ready to poke in my mouth, I feel sure my mom is very near by ready to yank it from my mouth as the photographer snaps the photo!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Zentangle Challenge # 83-Assunta and Mooka

The Diva gave a Double challenge this week...using only two tangles..."Assunta and Mooka".  I'll have to admit, I do not care for Assunta, but I am very fond of Mooka...I had forgotten about it!  It is so easy to fall into the habit of using the same tangles each week, so I really appreciate the Diva stretching my creativity with her interesting challenges!  And by naming specific tangles....whether they are my favorites or not, is a great way to expand!!!

Challenge # 83-"Assunta and Mooka"

August Challenge # 16-I-Pod????

Okay, today's challenge is to put my I-Pod on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that play!  This is the easiest challenge of all!!!  I don't have an I-Pod!!!  So short and sweet...this is it!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August Challenge # 15-Picture of Family

Today's Challenge is to post a picture of me with my family...I have many pictures (surprise!) of family members...close and distantly related...but I am usually the one taking the pictures, so I am in fewer of them than any...but last year, we...our daughters, SNL and grands...took a trip to Fort Davis and the the Davis Mts. of West Texas.  While there, we took a jeep tour of the mountains, and the driver kindly took a picture of all of us together!

Me and my family in the Davis Mountains

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August Challenge # 14

Today's challenge is to write a letter to someone who has recently hurt you...I am not going to do that because no one has hurt me recently!!!  I have a philosophy about "hurt feelings" that I would rather share...

When I was taught seventh and eighth graders (for 32 years!) I early on realized that those kids could be the most hurtful, cruel mean little *&@%* in the age of much so that I developed a saying that described their attitudes..."Do unto others BEFORE they can do it to you"!  And I do believe that is the middle schooler's unconscious words to live by!

I also early on came across a quote...“Nobody can hurt me without my permission."  I had contributed this quote to Eleanor Roosevelt whom I highly admire, but recently I came across information quoting  Mahatma Gandhi as saying that...thus I have concluded that Eleanor used the phrase, but that she was quoting Gandhi!
Anyway, I made a big poster of this phrase and would use it very often in counseling those tender souls who had hurt feelings all the time.

  And I developed my own philosophy about "hurt feelings" for them and the adult world...Someone may say or do something that  appears to be hurtful...but knowing the person in question, I know they care for me and would not really want me to be hurt...therefore, I am not hurt!  On the other hand, if someone says or does something that does sting a little, I think one of two things...something is really bothering THEM, not really related to our friendship...OR they are really not my that is their problem, not mine!!

And, lastly....age does wonders to create a thicker skin...I think once one hits 50+ the whole idea of "hurt feelings" is...Who cares? Life is just too short to allow any unhappy emotions to enter your well-being!!!

Well, I am sure I have ranted long enough....sorry!  I have a feeling most of you who are reading this will not have gotten this you are not seeing my apology!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

August Challenge #13-My Blog Story

Who am I as a blogger?  I am a retired art teacher; a mother of two; wife to a great guy for almost 49 years; grandmother to two; an artist who likes to experiment on mixed media/fiber arts; an avid reader with a wide range of tastes in books...mystery, fantasy, historical fiction, human interest, animal stories....and  more. I like the great outdoors...limitedly.  I am not much into camping, but do like to hike and enjoy gardens and all vistas of beauty.  I enjoy wildlife...from the safety of the bus!  And I love to take totally enamoured with the use of digital cameras!!  What a great advancement in the world of photography!

I began blogging over five years blogger daughter got me started....we first had a family only blog...and she had a personal blog which she continues today...(very interesting and funny!!!)  so I decided to also start a personal one also.

My for Creative Crone From studioQ.  I named my blog after my fiber arts group that meets once a month.  We were originally the Creative Crones, but we had a few younger members who didn't care for the "crone" connection..(even though a crone does not necessarily mean an ol' means a creative, wise, knowledgeable, worldly woman, etc.) so we changed our name to studioQ...the "Q" standing for any "q" word one would like to attach!!  It varies with the individual and the mood!!!  But I always like the "crone" aspect so I decided to keep it!

My blog consists of a little bit of is a vehicle for me to show off my art show challenges...this one, a Zentangle challenge I usually do each week, a couple other challenges that I try to keep up with (I am real behind on the Color Challenge and the BOM right now!)  I also like to use my blog to show places we have visited....daily events that I want to share....sometimes I use my blog to get on my soap box and "lecture" about something that means a lot to me!

And one of the best things I like about blogging is following many other bloggers from all over the world...I really enjoy seeing/hearing what others are up to...and to enjoy their creative endeavors and ideas. It is like world travel from my arm chair!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

August Challenge # 12-I Would Love to Meet.....

Today, I am going to share with you someone I would  love to meet...

Georgia O'Keeffe
One of my favorite artists...if not the Georgia O'Keeffe.  Not only do I admire her as an artist but also as a woman.  She was such a force in her private to be admired for her strength and fortitude....the leadership she has provided for women by her choices in life ..without really being a "political" person.  She broke ground in her art work...a style unlike any other to date.  She choose to live a solitary life and loved the great outdoors.  She was an independent woman who overcame a great deal of adversity.

I would love to be invited to her home for be able to work beside her in her talk to her about her life; her art; her gardening/cooking.  I have visited her home and studio in Abique, NM and it really was one of those spiritual moments to be in the place where she actually created!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

August Challenge # 11-Music!!!

For today's challenge, I am to list songs I listen to which match different happy, sad, bored, etc.  Well, I listen to music all the well as NPR talk..but I can't say I choose music by my moods!  Maybe I do unconsciously but I don't think so.  I am just going to show you a few album covers of the types of music I really like...
Classic Country
Oldies but Goodies

Show Tunes
Regional Folk Music

My favorite bluegrass singer and band

Pretty eclectic in my tastes!!  I even like instrumentals....classic guitar...classical music..etc.!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

August Challenge # 10- Something I Am Proud of...

For the Day 10 Challenge, I am to write about something I am proud of...and once again, there are many things...I am proud to be an American; I am proud to be a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, grandmother, teacher, artist, friend, neighbor, etc., but as far as accomplishments, I am most proud of being mother to my two fabulous daughters!

Marti and Andrea 1968
Both of my girls are "all growed up" now!!!  And for 40+ years they have done nothing but make me proud to have been a part of their existence!  They were both darling babies, adorable tots, fun to be with teens, and now...absolutely the kind of adult that exudes pride from every pore of my body!!  Is that a little strong???  Well, it is true...they are beautiful people, successful, energetic, kind, giving, smart, funny caring, talented....I could list every positive adjective word in existence and it would not be enough to express my love for and pride in them.  Here are some pictures of them through the years....
Marti-3 years/Andrea-2months- 1968

Marti and Andrea-How '70's looking is this???

Marti and Andrea-first day of school (with Salty)

Marti and Andrea-Easter 1975

Andrea and Marti-A photo booth pic

Marti and Andrea Christmas 2010

My girls with me-Mother's Day 2012 (trying hard to not smile!)
And the fun goes on!!!  I am so fortunate that we are all still good friends and that they both live in the DFW area so we can see each other often!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

August Challenge #9-A Picture of Something Inspiring

Day #9....It is becoming clear to me as I do these challenges that I have way too many pictures to choose from with each subject!  For today, I am to post a picture of someplace that has had a big impact on me or inspired me.  In my mind the subject really is I am going to treat it as such.

First, places that made an impact:

Murrah Building Memorial-Oklahoma City, OK

Vietnam Wall-Washington DC
National Cemetery- Washington DC

Minute Man-Revolutionary War-Concord, NH
Korean War Memorial-Washington, DC

And all the Civil War Battlefields we have visited have had a great impact on me...that War is not the answer...(exception: the Revolutionary War...I don't know if we could have gotten liberty without it.)

The Liberty Bell-Philedelphia, PA
Secondly, pictures of places that have inspired me....

Arrowmont School of Art and Crafts-Gatlinburg, TN

Enchanted Rock, Texas

Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico
We have been to all of these places several times and I am inspired each time to want to come home and create!!  Dick and I have thoroughly enjoyed taking week long classes at Arrowmont...have been there four times and hope to go back a couple more.  Each time we have met the most fabulous people and learned so much from the teachers we have had....I have taken classes on fiber arts and Dick has taken classes on wood work.  And while there, one is surrounded by the galleries of  art both inside and taking class in a museum!!

And Enchanted Rock in the Hill Country of Texas is an old Indian sacred does give off inspiring vibes.  Then Ranchos de Taos...of Georgia O'Keeffe also one of those goose bumpy places for me as she is one of my most favorite artists and the place is just magical, thinking of all the years of its existence and continued use.