Friday, August 24, 2012

August # 24-A Letter to My Parents

My Dad and Mom-Wedding Day, June 8, 1937

Dear Mom and Dad,

Just a quick note to tell you "Thank You"!  I hope that you realized that I really appreciated all you did for me when you were living.  I am doing this challenge thing (which, if you can see this letter, you already know it.)  Now here I am a grandmother, thinking back to the days when I was a child.  I know that you both loved your children above and beyond anything else, as I do.  I also know you had a great marriage and were great "role models" for me in my marriage.

We did not always agree on everything, but I respected you and your opinions.  You were not only role models in marriage, but in your everyday dealings with people and your honesty...especially you, Dad.  I think your abhorrence of lying is one of the most important attributes I got from you....that and your insistence on fair treatment of all.

And you, Mom....your total "Mother Lioness" and your fantastic sense of humor; also your keen inquisitiveness and love of reading are what I think I received from you...oh, and both of you were terrific cooks!!!

Not to say your were one is, but I am not going to elaborate on any faults you may have had....they are not nearly as important as your positive influence on me and on what great parents you were....again, thank you and I love you!!!

Your daughter, Jay

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  1. WOW!!! The apple really does not fall far from the tree!! I love you and I love the parents that made you who you are which in turn made me who I am!!