Monday, August 13, 2012

August Challenge #13-My Blog Story

Who am I as a blogger?  I am a retired art teacher; a mother of two; wife to a great guy for almost 49 years; grandmother to two; an artist who likes to experiment on mixed media/fiber arts; an avid reader with a wide range of tastes in books...mystery, fantasy, historical fiction, human interest, animal stories....and  more. I like the great outdoors...limitedly.  I am not much into camping, but do like to hike and enjoy gardens and all vistas of beauty.  I enjoy wildlife...from the safety of the bus!  And I love to take totally enamoured with the use of digital cameras!!  What a great advancement in the world of photography!

I began blogging over five years blogger daughter got me started....we first had a family only blog...and she had a personal blog which she continues today...(very interesting and funny!!!)  so I decided to also start a personal one also.

My for Creative Crone From studioQ.  I named my blog after my fiber arts group that meets once a month.  We were originally the Creative Crones, but we had a few younger members who didn't care for the "crone" connection..(even though a crone does not necessarily mean an ol' means a creative, wise, knowledgeable, worldly woman, etc.) so we changed our name to studioQ...the "Q" standing for any "q" word one would like to attach!!  It varies with the individual and the mood!!!  But I always like the "crone" aspect so I decided to keep it!

My blog consists of a little bit of is a vehicle for me to show off my art show challenges...this one, a Zentangle challenge I usually do each week, a couple other challenges that I try to keep up with (I am real behind on the Color Challenge and the BOM right now!)  I also like to use my blog to show places we have visited....daily events that I want to share....sometimes I use my blog to get on my soap box and "lecture" about something that means a lot to me!

And one of the best things I like about blogging is following many other bloggers from all over the world...I really enjoy seeing/hearing what others are up to...and to enjoy their creative endeavors and ideas. It is like world travel from my arm chair!


  1. So, he's been a great guy for 49 years or you've been married to him for 49 years? I have to think he was probably a great guy 50+ years ago as well....

    I'm glad I inspired you to start blogging!

  2. i LOVE that zentangle and admire it every time that i see it~!
    btw: i think that you should add that you are a wonderful blogging friend to that list too.
    i couldn't agree with you more about the enjoyment one can get from the internet/blogging world. so many places, so many talents and so many kind people.