Friday, August 31, 2012

Last August Challenge

The last day of the August Challenge is to tell what I have learned this month...well, I have learned several things about myself...things I did know just wasn't really aware of the focus or importance of some of the topics!

And even more fun for me were the things I learned about my daughter (check out her blog) who was also doing the challenge....she is the one who got me started on the whole thing; therefore, I followed her blog religiously to see what SHE had to say!!  Again, nothing terrible revealing...(except...a mystery date "Nov. 5, 1988" which I am going to have to squeeze out of her!!) just again her focus on some subjects that I found very interesting...expressions of opinions which none really surprised fact, it is interesting how similar she and I are in our thinking!    She is always such a good writer...could really go professional, I think.

So, now that the month is at an end....I will bore you no more with my ramblings on personal subjects!  But I will try to come up with some interesting ideas to share...and to continue with my zentangle some of my fiber arts projects....discuss books I am reading, etc.  Until the next blog challenge........!

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