Thursday, August 30, 2012

August # 30- A Letter to Myself in 20 Years

And a letter to myself in 20 years!!  This may be considered a real fantasy!!  Although, many years ago, I took one of those internet age tests and I am statistically to live until age 96.6 years of age!!  So with that in mind...I have 24.9 years to go!!!

Dear Jay,

Well, here you are....still kicking!  You have outlived many of your friends and family; you are lookin' great...for your age!  And you still have that keen mind and sharp sense of humor!

And you have kept all your teeth!  Fortunately, your eyesight, although not perfect, is still pretty good.  Too bad they won't let you drive any more, but isn't it really nicer to be driven around?  Like Miss Daisy???  Good that you can still motivate on your own albeit slowly!

You can still enjoy have approximately 4+ years to go....what does that lead to?  Not to worry!  If you are still believing in reincarnation, you have whole 'nother life ahead!!  Do you still want to attend SAS?  Or maybe you'd rather take up something more daring?  You have spent all your life being pretty safe...kind of cowardly, actually! Talking about physical activities, that maybe in your next life you would like to be a barrel racer....or a pilot....or take up scuba driving!  Get some balls, girl, and go for it!!

Okay, signing off now...I know at your age, you get tired really easily and I don't want to wear you out!!

The younger you, Jay

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