Thursday, August 9, 2012

August Challenge #9-A Picture of Something Inspiring

Day #9....It is becoming clear to me as I do these challenges that I have way too many pictures to choose from with each subject!  For today, I am to post a picture of someplace that has had a big impact on me or inspired me.  In my mind the subject really is I am going to treat it as such.

First, places that made an impact:

Murrah Building Memorial-Oklahoma City, OK

Vietnam Wall-Washington DC
National Cemetery- Washington DC

Minute Man-Revolutionary War-Concord, NH
Korean War Memorial-Washington, DC

And all the Civil War Battlefields we have visited have had a great impact on me...that War is not the answer...(exception: the Revolutionary War...I don't know if we could have gotten liberty without it.)

The Liberty Bell-Philedelphia, PA
Secondly, pictures of places that have inspired me....

Arrowmont School of Art and Crafts-Gatlinburg, TN

Enchanted Rock, Texas

Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico
We have been to all of these places several times and I am inspired each time to want to come home and create!!  Dick and I have thoroughly enjoyed taking week long classes at Arrowmont...have been there four times and hope to go back a couple more.  Each time we have met the most fabulous people and learned so much from the teachers we have had....I have taken classes on fiber arts and Dick has taken classes on wood work.  And while there, one is surrounded by the galleries of  art both inside and taking class in a museum!!

And Enchanted Rock in the Hill Country of Texas is an old Indian sacred does give off inspiring vibes.  Then Ranchos de Taos...of Georgia O'Keeffe also one of those goose bumpy places for me as she is one of my most favorite artists and the place is just magical, thinking of all the years of its existence and continued use.


  1. So maybe if I find out that I like the whole ceramics thing, I can tag along to Arrowmont with you guys someday...

  2. That would be wonderful!!!!! We would love to show you all our haunts!!

  3. Rancho de Taos church is big on my spiritual list. I never get tired of seeing it. We have the O'Keeffe version on the wall in our bedroom. Wish I was there right now!