Monday, August 20, 2012

August Challenge # 20-The Future

Today, the challenge states: "What does your future hold/ where would you like to be?'

Again, this seems to be somewhat of a twofold question....for one thing, who really knows what the future holds?  So since I  cannot see into the future...try as I might...I will merely tell of a few things that are in the works for the future:

  • my guild quilt show for which I am NOT September.
  • a few great family trips being planned in 2013...Hawaii, New Mexico, and 2014-Alaska
  • celebrating my 50 years of marriage to my best friend
  • a clean bill of health for my buddy
  • new schools for the and high school
As far as where I would like to be....I am pretty, I am very happy with where I am....I know that in years to come that living out here in the country will become more than we will be able to handle, but until then...we will stay right here!

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  1. 2913?!? You are REALLY planning for the future!!