Friday, August 31, 2012

Dare Challenges #19-20

I had started doing the Dare Challenges posed by Bright Owl several months ago; then I kind of got away from them and now I am back. The Bright Owl gives a starter of a Zendala (mandala-zentangle style) for the participants to copy.  Then we are to fill with zentangles and post on her blog on Thursdays.

As I just returned, I am very far behind!  But I was able to get the last two challenges completed...and although they are to be posted on Thursdays, I am a little late in getting mine up as it is Friday!  So, those of you out there checking out the challenges, please give me a little slack this week...and starting today, I will do better and get them out there on time!!

From last week...# 19

For this week..# 20


  1. Both of your Zendalas are awesome! Great job!

  2. Oh wow, they are wonderful! I blog art too, I'm your new follower
    Welcome to follow me back: