Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spreading the Word

The studioQ gals met on Monday and I showed them my version of how to do zentangles (giving full credit to Rick and Marie for starting the whole maddness!), gave them some good websites to use and we practiced drawing a few of my favorite tangles. I gave them a challenge to come to our next meeting in July with a completed tile....I had drawn a "string" on a large sheet then divided and cut it up into 12 tiles, put numbers on the back to be able to reassemble it, and passed them out randomly...we will see how many will get them done so we can put them together...I will post it if all get done!!

I have also started doing another challenge put out by the 3 Creative Studio folk...their challenge "A Sketchbook Challenge", is monthly instead of weekly...this month the topic is "Pathways".  After a few false starts, I decided to do another ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) for my entry.
"Pathways: Sketchbook Challenge for June"
      Now I am working on my Challenge quilt for our guild show which is this fall.  The theme is "being green" so the challenge is to create a quilt using recycled fabric of any nature.  It has been fun to work on, and now that we have to have our entries in by next month, I need to have enough done to take a picture...up to now I have just been putting blocks together with no end planned as yet!!


  1. sounds like a fun way to introduce a group to the fun of zentangling~!

    i was wondering if i could link to your blog in a post that i want to do about zentangle?
    you have many wonderful examples and i'm always inspired by them so i know others will be as well.


  2. Lovin' your pathways - from here to the everywhere! *G*

  3. Hi, Libby...yes, you certainly may link to my blog! I would be honored...thanks for the complement!