Thursday, May 2, 2013

studio Q Meeting for April

     This month our meeting was a little different.  We met at the Doss Heritage and Cultural Center in Weatherford, TX.  The Doss is a beautiful building that houses/hosts many cultural venues...artistic, historic, Western, etc.  The exhibit we went to see was the fiber art works of Katrina Wright.  Please check out her website to see her art!  It is really very cool!!!

Brochure from Katrina Wright's show
          After visiting the Doss we went to lunch....of course...then went to the Clark Gardens....another beautiful place to visit that is west of Weatherford, TX. The Gardens were the private property of the Clarks from 1972 until they made it into a non-profit organization and opened up to the public. There are many acres of just gorgeous flowers and trees, water features and art, and even a delightful miniature train setup with great miniature models of buildings from around the county.  I had not been there before but do want to return seasonally as it will change through the year.

Resident Swan

Parker County Courthouse in Weatherford

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  1. I've never been to Clark's before either but would love to see it. I so enjoy visiting the demonstrations gardens at Westin Gardens which is a bit closer to home~