Monday, April 29, 2013

Memory Monday # 17 we are back in town...I don't remember too much about the move...but the house we moved into... (which would be home to me for the rest of my time living in Pittsfield)...was also just a block from the school where I attended the second grade....except a street over.  The school took up a block...the front facing my old home in the little apartment street; and the back of the school was on a street a block over.
     I did have to give up my pony; my kitten had already run away; and we were somewhat reunited with our Border Collie, Fuzzy.  While we still lived in town, Fuzzy took a real liking to an elderly couple who lived across the street.  They would feed her and let her in the house.  She would spend more time with them than with us, so when we moved to the farm, Mom talked us into letting the Morelands keep her as they had really become a pony for dog!  Sounded good!
     Being only seven, I was pretty flexible..ready for another adventure...I quickly became acquainted with the kids in our neighborhood and I could walk to school!  We were often "tardy" to school when we lived in the country.  My family, especially my mom, was notoriously late where ever we, church, etc.. So my teacher was delighted that I would be so close to school and not be late again!  Wrong!!  I was still late...I somehow could take a LONG time walking that block.  Not that I didn't like school, but there was so much to see on the way! Puddles, rocks, trees, birds....!
     And there was "Uncle" Jack's store...Uncle Jack was a tiny little old man who lived in a little house across the street from the school.  In his front room, he ran the mini equivalent of a 7/11 without the gas pumps.  He sold soda pop, penny candy, chips, etc.  And he had the most marvelous miniature stone village in his back yard!!  It was his hobby to create these miniature buildings...I thought they were just magical!!  So whenever I could get away with it, I would have to go over there to see the fairy land he had created!

Miniature stone village
     This is not a picture of Uncle Jack's village, but it is very similar in technique. I wish I did have a picture of his little town, but I do have a clear picture in my mind!

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  1. Hi Jay, what a wonderful memory. Maybe soon you can pay a visit to Uncle Jack's stone village. A couple of years ago, I was able to go back and visit the place I lived when I was 4 and 5 years old. It was surreal. The place looked exactly the same. Except, it was so much smaller than I remember. That was an awesome experience!

    Have a great day,