Monday, April 15, 2013

Memory Monday #15

My Dad and Mom....early 1930's before they were married
     As I mentioned early in my memories about living in the country, my mom was not as crazy about the idea as my dad...and ME!!  I loved living out there...but looking back I can see how it was not as good a choice for my mom.  My dad was an auctioneer; he loved to hunt and fish; he enjoyed a night out with the boys!  My mom loved to play cards, especially bridge; enjoyed reading, movies, and her children...and visiting with her friends.  We were living in the same town where they grew up and went to school.  While living in the country, we did not always have two cars, so she was kind of stranded a lot of the time.
     Mom would occasionally have to get out and round the calves up when they got out of the pasture...and a couple of times I think there were some pigs that she had to corral!! But what I think really turned the tables in her favor of getting to move back to town was an incident that was harmless but did scare us all!!  Daddy was gone for the evening; it had gotten dark...had been stormy and there was a  knock, or rather, banging on the door.  Mom went to the door with us right behind her to see who it was.  This rather scruffy...and rather drunk man...was there...asking to see someone whom we didn't know.  Mom told him that the woman he was looking for was not there...did not live there anymore.  He got kind of belligerent, insisted that Mom was lying to him..that the woman he was looking for was there...that Mom was hiding her from him!!
     I don't remember exactly how long this conversation went on...Mom had gotten the door closed and I do remember he stood on the porch hollering for a long time...or so it seemed.  And that she had started calling around to see where my dad was...and had my sister, being the older, ready to go out the back door and over the fence to the go to the closest neighbor up the road when the guy did finally leave.
     I never heard any of the discussion between my parents, but within a few weeks, we were moving into a house in town where I lived the rest of my days with my family until I was on my own!!

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  1. I don't blame her. I've been stuck out in the country all alone before and it's a drag. Especially when the hubby worked the midnight to 7 a.m. shift and I was only 18 years old! Scary.