Monday, April 1, 2013

Memory Monday #13

     The house we lived in when we were in the country was an old farm house with a cellar.  Cellar doors were usually slanted doors outside the house which led to a concrete or wooden stairway leading down into the basement/cellar.  Cellars were used as storm shelters (think tornados like in Kansas..."Wizard of Oz") and storage for canned goods  (think Ball jars) and other sundry boxes of stuff!
     My sister and I weren't very fond of going down was pretty dark and covered with cobwebs....kind of dank and musty!  And of course with our fantastic imaginations we were sure it was haunted and full of monsters!!  One day, our dad asked us to go down and get some item that was stored there....I can't remember exactly what, but I do remember as we shined our flashlight around, we saw a snake!!!!
     You want to hear some screeching little girls making a beeline back up those stairs!!!  And our brave dad went down to catch that snake!  Well, he searched and searched then he finally found it and brought it up for all to see!  Our "snake" turned out to be a metal, shiny belt that sure did look like snake scales in the dark!!  Poor dad...he had to  "save" us from an awful lot of scary stuff!!
Sitting on the cellar door


  1. Very cute story. Snakes are a BIG creepy for me.

  2. LOL! Good ole Dad! That teaches us...again...that if we're looking for it...we'll find it.