Friday, March 29, 2013

Meeting of the Crones

     Last Monday, my fav group, studioQ...or as I like to call us...the Creative Crones...met and had our usual fun and inspirational time!  We have been examining the elements of art, especially how they relate to art quilters.  This month the element we discussed was value.  We have been taking turns researching the different values and coming up with an activity to match.  Kay had brought a lot of hand-dyed fabric that we chose from to do an activity with light, medium and dark values.  Here is a composite of what we did:
Fabric glued to paper showing value.
     And we had our usual show of work done since last time.  I am posting just a little bit of what I showed...the challenge for the blog of Art Quilters Around the World for this time is "Carnivale" but the reveal isn't for a few more days so I can't show the whole thing until next week.
Part of my Art Quilters' Challenge-"Carnivale"
Beth shows a journal page
Susan with one of the many dog mats she has made for  rescue dogs.
A page from Lynn's journal
Heather's Tuning Fork #11
Wendy showing one of her small quilts
The back of Wendy's quilt
The front of Wendy's quilt
Kay showing her dyed accident that turned out well!
Kay showing our activity from last month
Kay's quilt

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