Monday, March 11, 2013

Memory Monday # 10

     Growing up, we had no television until I was in high school...some had it sooner than that....but my dad was never one to go for the new fad things!  As a result we spent many hours of my favorite activities was riding my tricycle...This is very much like my trike that I had from the time I was four until probably six.

Then I graduated to a larger tricycle...this is a picture I found online....I think mine had all its spokes!  Our town had sidewalks everywhere on both sides of the street so there were miles and miles of riding paths.  Those tricycles were my charging speeding wheels to the universe!  We had races; we could make our trikes into anything we wished...and did.  Without the "benefit" of television, we could really stretch our imaginations!

In fact, my memories of adventures on my tricycles are of such happy times, that I have a small collection of tricycles as decorations around my home....indoors and out!  I even purchased a life size one that is a replica of my first small one at an antique store in Hico, Texas a few years ago.

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  1. i have a thing for tricycles too and actually have the very first (and probably only) one that i used when i was little. it was given to my cousins to use once i outgrew it and my aunt never got rid of it as she always had neighborhood kids around that enjoyed it and then her own grandchildren. about thirteen years ago she asked me if i would like to have it. of course i said yes. it's definitely seen a few miles but i LOVE it and sometimes bring it into the house for various display opportunities.
    i'm so glad that she asked me and sometimes i look at it and can't imagine myself ever being small enough to ride it~!
    your memory stories are so much fun to read.