Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Break...almost over!

     Even though I am retired from teaching...spring break is still a factor in my life!  My granddaughter was home from college for the grandson and daughter who are both in public schools in the a student/one a teacher...were both off.  So we got to see a little more of them than usual!
     Last weekend, they went to Missouri to visit with "Grandma" better known to them as GG...(Great-grandmother!) to distinguish her from me.  So we kept their dog for them...and they all came to pick her up and stay for lunch on Tuesday.
     Then Thursday, we took the grands with us to see the Bernini exhibit at the Kimbell in Fort Worth then met their parents for lunch.  If any of you local readers have not been to see it yet, it will be on display for about a month then gone.  Fort Worth and The MOMA are the only places in the United States this exhibit will be worth seeing...just fabulous!
Playing with clay at the Kimbell
Me and my grands!


  1. would love to go to the Bernini exhibit....of course, I had the opportunity to see much of the final product while in Rome...