Monday, March 18, 2013

Memory Monday # 11

My sister, Judy and me with one of our cousins  sitting on the grass "on the farm".
     I am a little fuzzy on the exact dates of my early childhood...but I do know that after my dad came home from WWII, the four of mom, dad, sister and I lived in a small one bedroom apartment for probably close to a year.  Then we moved to a farmhouse on several acres of land not far from town.  I think it was mainly my dad's idea because he had always had horses when he was a kid; and he wanted to raise some calves, have chickens for eggs, raise a big garden.  My mom, on the other hand, was a "townie", having always lived in town, near stores, movie theater, library, and her friends.  But she gave it a try!!
     I LOVED living there...we were able to get kittens; we had a couple of ponies; a calf, chickens...we had acres to roam around on and pretend to be where ever we wanted. I really loved the great outdoors!  Now the "horses" were perfect for a six and eight year old who had never been around horses before.  We had an old brown horse which we named "Brownie"  (great imaginations!) and a little shetland pony named "Pokey".  Brownie was so old that the only way could get him to run was to put corn on top of a hog shed, drag him down to the end of the field, and he would run up to eat the corn!  And Pokey was so slow (thus his name) because whoever had him before us had never had him shoed so his hooves were all splayed out and he couldn't walk very fast.
Me, on Brownie
In fact, Brownie was so dependable that we could ride him backwards around the outside of the house.
My sister on Pokey


  1. Your memory this week prodded a wonderful memory out of my deep file folder in the brain. My granddad had a ranch in the hill country of texas and he kept a gentle red mule for the grand kids to ride. His name was Pete. A very tolerant old sole. It was always fun to play at the ranch.

  2. I love your Monday memories! These pictures are awesome and so glad you still have them.

  3. Jay, I love the photo of you on Brownie!