Monday, March 25, 2013

Memory Monday #12

Not our house but a picture of one very similar to it.
 Another memory I have of living in the country was an occasion of very strange weather!  The house we lived in had a door and porch on the side of the house facing west and across the living room was another door going outside, facing east. One day there was one of those quick unexpected summer storms...out the west it was just POURING and yet, out of the east, the sun was shining...very freaky!  A very small but intense little thunder cloud overhead!!

      Another weather related memory I have took place the our first winter (and as it turned out, our only winter).  That year we had a terrific ice storm...the kind that coated all the trees and fences; roads were practically impassable; and our power went out.

Ice coated fences and trees
     As I remember, this happened right after Christmas.  My cousins, who were in their teens, were spending the holidays with us and Mom and Dad had gone into town to a party when the power went out.  We had to light candles and sit in the dark until they came home....not knowing we had no electricity...the telephone lines were down also so we couldn't get in touch with them. (No cell phones, yet!)  But they finally were able to get to us... It was going to be days before the power would be restored so we packed up and moved into town to stay at the hotel. (This link will take you to the hotel's current website with another link to a you-tube showing of the hotel.  It was known as the Parkway when we stayed there...and has been quite nicely renovated!)
      We kids thought it was quite an adventure to stay in the hotel...not so sure my mom and dad thought the same, having to deal with living out of a suitcase and worrying about frozen pipes, etc at home!!


  1. I'll never forget the some of the weather that we experienced when I was a kid...sitting in the basement while Dad paced upstairs...blocking off all the rest of the house and "camping" in the den around the wood burning stove...good times.

  2. I would love a newly built version of this type of Folk Victorian farmhouse on about 40 acres of land. Just dreaming . . .