Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer has come with a vengance!!!

I just finished reading Andrea's latest adventure in California. What an entertaining writer she is!

School is now officially out for most everyone in the area which means the "Y" where we go to workout will be enundated with small fry!! And yes, I was right...fortunately they were all pretty much contained to the pool area while we were there today.

Dick and I picked up the grands on their last day; the Intermediate School went relatively calmly, but the ninth grade center took quite a bit longer...the high school was getting out at the same time and the eager teens were raring to go!! We finally got away and went to Steak and Shake for our usual last day of school celebration lunch, then to our house...the grandson is ahead on our on going chess matches. I will need to practice up!! The kids spent the night, watched the first "Ghostbusters" movie which all of us had seen but still a fun movie.

Very proud of the kids...both made straight A's; granddaughter ran for and was voted in as the Sophomore class Historian for next year. They had a swimmeet the week before and both did best time in all of their events. K. will be coming out to mow some day this week; she seems to really like doing it...C. is a little jealous, I think, at least for the money!! But we told him his time will come. We have it figured out that by the time both are too busy to do it, the little guy across the street who is three will be old enough to take ovet the mowing!!!

I finished my first "wheels" project and have it hanging on the wall with #2. My next in the series is to be using the technique of collage...but that is kind of what I have been doing with the other two....proving that it is all related. I am also working on an exchange quilt....springtime..my person that I am sending to is in Norway, so I am using Texas wildflower fabric. Will post a picture when finished in a few days.


  1. So, when you say summer has come with a vengance, does that mean the heat has arrived?

  2. Yes, I guess I didn't elaborate did I? But it has cooled down now a little...had a storm come thru.