Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swap to Norway

I heard from the quilter in Norway who rec'd my swap quilt. She posted a picture of it on her blog...I still have not figured out how to add the translation thingy to my blog.

I have finished all the blocks for Veronica's quilt and have taken it off my design wall so I can work on a couple of other more immediate things....I am starting a log cabin challenge quilt; I need to finish up my round robin from my studio Q group; I have eight postcards to make and send by the end of July! cavities! Went to the dentist today..good report! But he does recommend a filling be changed out. Not an immediate need.

HOT today...and to continue for a while! 104+ here...and no rain in sight!!


  1. Hi Jay!! Nice to hear from you!! I went to my dentist yesterday too, not so good....Have to change two fillings!! But you want that translation thing. Search on add gadget!! You can read how to do it on the gogle page! Just try. In Norway we forgot Bush the day, Obama got to be president. So don`t woory. And pleace exuise my spelling mistakes, this is not my languige you know. Take care in your warm weather.... Anne

  2. just saw that you are signed up for a summer swap on Quilting Bloggers Gallery....maybe I'll sign up for some once I get resettled!!