Friday, January 29, 2010

Today Is NOT Saturday!

" Words are a form of action, capable of influencing change."  Ingrid Bengis

This has been a crazy has felt like Saturday all day long!!  So tomorrow, I will have two Saturdays this week!  Yesterday, we played poker at our friends' house...drove through a terrible storm to get there, but had a great time as usual once we were there.  And I came out OK....I didn't win, I didn't lose!  I broke even!  Then we drove home in light rain and a little fog.

This morning we woke up to no power...our electricity was off...which meant no heat, no hot coffee, no lights......and probably worst of running water!  One of the perils of living in the country...we are on a well and when the power is off we have no pump running.  Then when the power did come on, we discovered that sometime in the night or early morning the refrigerator had died....permanently! So we crammed everything into our little auxilary fridge and freezer, putting some items on the stair well up to the attic (the temperature is low enough that it is pretty darn chilly out there!)  Then took off to Loew's to get a new fridge...which will be delivered on Sunday.

We then made an executive decision to not have our "after the rodeo" dinner at our house..the power had been just too unpredictable and no we are going to still do all the cooking and haul it all up to Marti's house to go there after the rodeo...great way to celebrate her birthday by having her host the party!!
Therefore, instead of spending the afternoon playing with my monoprinting, I have been cooking and getting everything ready to take to Fort Worth tomorrow.

My studioQ meeting isn't until Monday so I hope to get a chance on Sunday to practice what I hope to show the gals.  In the meantime, while getting everything out of the dead fridge, I had set my gelatin block out and had forgotten to put it away....about five hours later...I discovered it was beginning to get a little soggy and melty.  I now have it back in a fridge, hopefully it will stiffen back up by the time I want to use it.  I think to use it for monoprinting may be a short session of no more than an hour or so!  We shall see!!

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