Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And the Remaining facts are....

          Final Froggie Facts      

Fact # 18: Many animals prey on horned lizards...cats, coyotes, dogs, ground squirrels, hawks, other lizards, mice, road runners, and snakes....poor little guys!

Fact # 19: Horned frogs do not make good pets! Handling them causes them stress!! (as though being hunted by all those animals doesn't!!)

Fact # 20: If you hold a horned frog and it appears calm, it is not!  Remember lying still is a defense mechanism!

Fact # 21: Feeding and care of horned frogs can become time-consuming and costly.  Most eat about 80-100 red harveter ants per day; some can eat up to 300!  Harvester ants have a mean bite to can order the ants..less painful than catching, but rather expensive!

Fact # 22: Another really great reason to not have a horned frog as a is ILLEGEAL!!  At least in Texas where they are on the endangered list!

Fact # 23: Horned frogs prey on grasshoppers, beetles, and spiders....see not everything is after them!  They catch their prey with a flick of the tongue and swallow them whole.

Fact # 24: A mad or scared horned frog can squirt a 4 to 5 foot stream of blood from the corners of their eyes!!!  (To me, the most interesting fact of all!)

And the last fact about the fabulous Horned Frog...# 25: Other than Super Frog, the most famous horned frog was Old Rip, which legend says survived 31 years inside the cornerstone of Eastland County courthouse.  His remains lie in a coffin at the Eastland County Courthouse....Road trip, anyone!!!

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