Friday, January 8, 2010

Still cold....Fact # 5

Horned Frog fact #5: "Breaking down the scientific name: In Greek, "Phrynos" means toad and "soma" means body.  In Latin, "cornutus" means horned"...thus the mascot name Horned Toad!

Did you know there were so many pictures out there of Horned Frogs???

We didn't go to the "Y" yesterday...just too darn cold to get out.  The wind was just terrible out of the North.  I talked to my brother in Illinois and they are having snow and expecting more.  Dick talked to his mom and the same in Missouri. At least we are dry, after that little spat yesterday morning.

I have my committee of fabric cutters coming in today to cut up squares and make up the kits for the Donation Quilt 2010.  Then next week, we will have guild members sign them out, make the blocks and returh them by the February meeting.  Our guild meetings are always the third Friday of each month but it seems early this month because the first day of January was on a Friday.

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