Monday, January 25, 2010

I Am a Computer GEEK.!

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us"  Ralph Waldo Emerson

We got a new printer/scanner recently...I love it!  I can put my memory card from my camera right in the slot and download pictures so easily...I used to have to plug in my camera or use this other external gadget which made for many more steps!  We also got an external hard drive for Christmas which is really handy.  Instead of burning CDs of everything to backup, I can just plug it in and bingo...there it goes!  

 Of course, I didn't use the drive right away....but the very day I was going to use it, we were getting all this garbage on our computer.  And sure enough, we were loaded with all kind of nasty viruses!!  Seems our "free" protection had run its course and we were wide open!  I think I mentioned how I spent my last Monday....well, come Thursday evening...after downloading all my pictures on the ex. drive..I started to get all kinds of junk again...some very embarrassing...I am just glad neither of the grands were using the computer at that time.  So about 11:30PM, I am back with the tech person...this time "Amy" from far away.  But she was very nice and I hope has now gotten us all cleaned up!  The guy I was with on Monday had left us wide open again...left nothing to protect us at all.  He was pretty busy trying to sell me stuff, which I did buy one program that sounds wonderful !  We will see...anyway, Amy left all the anti programs on the computer to protect us, whereas, Sirhandan had uninstalled all the things he had put on to clean us up.  So, hopefully we will be protected until our new program comes and we can install it. 

At one point, Amy asked me what time was it in that moment it was about 1:00AM...she said it was 2:00PM where she was (does that tell us something???).  An hour later, when we were all finished, she said it was time for her to get off work, so she was going home...and I told her I was going to bed!!  I am usually up until about 11:30, but 2:00 is a little late!  I felt very hung over the next day, without the fun time that should have gone with the feeling!!

Actually, I am enough of a computer geek to know when something is wrong and just little enough to get in trouble!!!

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  1. tell me off line who you were working with that left your system wide open and didn't fix things correctly. i'm not happy about that.