Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The way we like a Texas winter!

Frog Fact # 17: As a defense mechanism, horned frogs can double in size to look like a spiny balloon!

Today, the temperature was in the low 70's!  This is what we like in a Texas winter!!  It is supposed to be the same tomorrow.  Today, we went into Fort Worth and spent some time with the grands.  Their mom had to work but they had the day off....between semesters.  So we watched some of their Christmas movies.."Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" and a Star Trek movie while we had lunch. 

Then we stopped off at the library, got some new books; went by the "Y"..they are adding on a lot of new space to the "Y" so working out is a bit of a challenge with all the machines, etc. being moved around!

Andrea had given a proposal for a house in McKinney...we are going to head up there this coming weekend to see it.   It is a garden home in a new area; I am very excited for her!!  Looking forward to seeing it!

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