Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Really Fun Day!

"The position of the artist is humble. He/she is essentially a channel."  Piet Mondrian
(This is my new "feature"!  A quote with my blogs!

Today all the family from Fort Worth area went up to McKinney to see Andrea's new house.  It is really neat....I know she will love is her first!  We also met her friend Sara, with whom she has been living  since returning from California...a very nice young lady!  The upper left pic is Andrea in her soon to be quilting studio...a really large room above her garage.  The lower left is a pic of the house with her dad in front.  The house isn't completed yet but that makes all the more fun, to be able to pick out a lot of the decor items!  And the pic on the right is Andrea with her dad on our way out! Then we all went out to a yummy lunch of hamburgers to celebrate!

I have been sewing some things for the Cook Children's hospital...This is a lap quilt that I had started in a class on machine quilting several years ago.  My friend Heather was teaching the class...that was before she had moved to Fort Worth.  The center part was divided into radiating sections in which we did different stitches.  I hated to "waste my work" so I finally finished the quilting, added some borders and sent off with Dick to Cook.

I am now working on my recipe quilt blocks for the Studo Q meeting next week...1. the color or shape of pain and 2. earth awareness.  And I finished reading another Alice Hoffman book..."Second Nature".  She is really becoming one of my all time favorite authors!!  This is about the eighth book of hers I have read. My goal is to read them all...even those written 'way back in the 80's.


  1. It was a fun day and thanks so much for coming over and seeing the new place. AND, thanks for lunch!! The stone on the front of the house looks very similar to the stone that you all have on your fireplace. It was great seeing everybody. I'll see you next week.

  2. It was SO nice to finally get to meet y'all! and at such a happy occasion, too :)

    thanks for lunch & laughs

    the quilt is GORGEOUS!