Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fiinally getting to get to some sewing in.

Frog Fact # 13: The reason for the horned frog decline is considered a mystery!  But over-collecting for pet trade, spread of fire ants having reduced the numbers of the red harvester ant (the frog's dietary preference), environmental contaminants and loss of habitat from agricutural and urban development are often cited as factors.

We had a very good guild meeting yesterday....Ami Simms is really entertaining.  She is very funny and had an interesting slide segment was all the ways you could use quilts! This is a picture of a quilt covered car she showed us!  Very cute....I think I will do that to Dick's truck; it could use a little jazzing up!

We had a pretty good crowd at the meeting too.  Probably because she is a very popular speaker.  There was a workshop on Thursday, but I didn't want to go.  I have enough things to do without adding a new technique to my list!

At the meeting, I introduced the kits for the donation quilt and boy, did they go!!  There were none left; and some members who wanted one,didn't get to do one!  I just hope everyone can get them done and back to me by the February meeting.  Rhonda also introduced the Quilt Show Theme which is: Everyday Heirlooms: Each Quilt has a story!  Then Nikki Mahaffey told about the Challenge quilt.  It is to be a scrap quilt, with at least 50 different fabrics.  I didn't get all the details as Sue and I were holding up her examples while she talked...but I certainly have the scraps!  I just need to know what the sizes required are.  But today, I am finishing up my little quilt for Dick to take to Cook on Monday and hope to get some pillow cases done, too. 

And the night before, as we were without lights, I pulled an Abe Lincoln and read by candle light..I finished the book I have been reading... "A Stranger's Game" by Joan Johnston.....not my kind at all, but it was a who-done-it, so I had to see the mystery through to the end!  Now, I like mysteries, but this one read like a Danielle Steele, goofy romance!   I do not recommentd it at all!

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