Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter and Fact # 4

Horned Frog fact # 4: "The Texas horned lizard--Phrynosoma cornutum ---is the one associated with TCU.  And the most prevalent horned lizard in the state.

I think we will go to the "Y" today....even though it is really cold!  In listening to the national weather, we are not nearly as bad off as other parts of the country...or even the world.  This kind of puts a question in the idea of global warming, doesn't it?  Although, the far North is having unseasonally warm weather and we do know the glaciers are all shrinking at a fast rate so who knows!!

We are big followers of The Daily Show with John Stewart.  I really think he gives the news more accurately than any of the "serious" guys...and a lot more entertainingly!

We don't normally get Showtime, but for the past couple of months we are getting the channels for free...trying to get us hooked, but we have picked up some movies we would not have seen otherwise.  Tonight we watched a movie titled "Three Days of Rain".  A very interesting study of human nature!

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