Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Texas Winter...Much Improved!

Frog Fact #10: They are susceptible to overheating and burrow or seek shade during hot summer afternoons.

Now this is what Texas is supposed to be in the winter!!  Temperatures yesterday afternoon in the mid 60's so we got a nice walk in.

I am really anxious to get to my new recipe blocks for the Studio Q meeting this month.  We are really skipping January because the last Monday when we usually meet is the weekend of the Guild Retreat at Tanglewood.  I'm not going to it but many of our members are.  So we are meeting the first Monday in February and the last Monday in February, and we are doing two recipe blocks.  One is the color or shape of pain and the other is the earth.

 But before I can get to my fun stuff, I have to take care of some guild duties.  I had to get the books ready to give to area libraries...we have about 25 libraries we donate a book to each year.  Then I had to get a cover letter ready to send to one of our scholarship recipient's college for her second installment of the money awarded to her.  And I needed to contact all the guild members who have overdue books.  Our meeting is Friday and we have announced that January is "Amnesty" month....turn the books in and pay no late fee!!!   We have done this every once in awhile and it really works!  I know people just get busy and forget they have them, in most cases!  Although we have had a few books that have moved away!

Maybe today I can get started sewing!!  I also want to get some pillow cases made for Cook Children's.  They have had labels made up to put on cases and quilts that say something about being donated to Cook by a Stitcher.  I had asked Dick to pick some up for me at the hospital Monday and he came home with about 100!!  That will be a life time supply for me!

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  1. hi Jay~!~

    thanks for paying me a visit and leaving a comment. it was good to "see" you.

    your toad facts are very interesting and some of them i'm familiar with as we have a lot of horny toads around here too.
    once one of our dogs found a large one in the yard and was carrying it around very carefully in her mouth. i didn't realize what it was she had until i told her to "drop it". she promptly opened up her mouth and out it tumbled into the grass. i think she was quite happy to be rid of it actually ~lol~
    at first i thought that there was something wrong with it because it had blood spurting out of it's eyes. all else was fine and i later learned that this is a defense mechanism that the toads use.
    it became a hands on science project for a few days while my daughter and i observed it and fed it and then released it back into the sagebrush. normally i see them at about 2 inches long (and alomost that wide) but this particular one was about double that size so we were quite fascinated with it~!~