Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Is Now Officially Over!

New Year's Eve...a nice quiet evening with just the two of us!  Reading, watching television....and checking on the "blue moon"!  A really pretty evening..Dick in bed by 11:00 but I had to play on the computer for awhile then watch the neighbors' fireworks display

Today, we got together with all the bunch was out of town over Christmas, so we didn't do the gift thing until today.  We had a brunch..watched the kids pictures from their trip to Florida...swimming with the manatees!!  Great fun!  Then while the guys watched football, we girls and kids  played Pictionary...very fun time!

Never too old for Santa, right?

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  1. Yes, I feel Christmas is over too. Sadly I've started putting away the decorations a few days early. I love Christmas and I love your "Salsa Snail" quilt and the deer on the lawn from the last post, something we don't get here in Western Australia