Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Last Day of the Year!!!

And now it is time to make resolutions...I love making resolutions..or maybe just making lists of things I want to accomplish.  The best part of making lists of things "to do" is crossing them off as they are finished.  I have a few I carry over into each list...for one, my mom loved to embroider and she made the most lovely set of blocks of every state bird!  They are true works of art...and one of my goals each year is to take them and put them into a quilt!  I am very determined that this is the year!!!

My family is mostly in Illinois, and some of them get down here every once in awhile.  Just last month, my brother and sister-in-law were here.  We took them  to the newly opened Fort Worth Museum of Science and History...a wonderful addition to the Cultural District of Fort Worth.  Here they are checking out one of the displays.

We also went to the Pate Museum not too far from our house.  We had never been there and read that is closing down as of, well, right now!!  I had no idea how many vintage cars they have there!  We really enjoyed seeing them.  The car on the left is the taxi cab that Lee Harvey Oswald jumped into after he shot JFK.  And there were many more with varied historys!

And our big third snow storm of the year...on the 28th, was all melted by the next morning!  That is what we like about Texas snows!  Very pretty, but they don't last long....usually!

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