Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Looking Kind of Wintery!

 This is what we woke up to this morning!  What a surprise!  Very pretty, big flakes of snow fell for about three hours, then the sun came out briefly and it all went away...that is the kind of snowstorm we like!  It is forcast to snow more later on in the week; this is kind of early for Texas!
And I shot a deer from my kitchen window yesterday!  (with my camera). This is probably the culprit who has been eating my flowers!  and she was having such a good time, she forgot that day time had come!!  Usually we don't see deer much after dawn..this was about 9:00 AM.

Thanksgiving week is over and all the company and  most of the food is gone...we had such a great time with all.  My daughter Andrea is also a quilter so she went with me to my StudioQ meeting Monday.  Our "recipe" ingredient this time was "Time".  I made an hour glass out of fabric and clear plastic, filling it with rice,  to go with my blocks on games...I may even complete a quilt of that nature with all of them sometime!
Another fun thing we did this past weekend was to go to Blue Mesa with all the family for their brunch.  I still had not used my birthday coupon from them so it was a good time to go.  Surprisingly, they were not just least not at 10:00 when we went.  Usually there are long lines...I guess everyone was still full from Thanksgiving.  If you live in the Ft Worth area, you can go to the restaurant website  and sign up for their Chilihead Club.  They will send you a coupon on your birthday for a free brunch, and you will get monthly coupons for various items on their menu.  Blue Mesa is our favorite Mexican restaurant!!!  The cuisine is more New Mexico rather than Tex-mex.

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  1. oh my~!~ you're getting more snow than we are~!!~